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How to use the free wifi at Warsaw Chopin Airport

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

There is free WIFI at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Even in a foreign country where you are arriving for the first time, having an Internet connection makes a difference in your sense of security.
The free wifi at Warsaw Airport is easy to connect to and the internet speed is reasonably good.

This article will tell you how to connect to the free wifi at Warsaw Chopin Airport and what to expect when connecting.
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How to connect to free wifi at Warsaw Chopin Airport

Let’s get right to the connection procedure!
(This is the procedure for GalaxyS8. Different models may show different screens and methods)

(1) Go to Settings→Connection→Wi-Fi and turn on WIFI. click on “CHOPIN-AIRPORT”.

Turn on wifi while in Airplane mode.

Turning off Airplane Mode may initiate international roaming (communication using the signal of an overseas mobile company).
If you roam internationally without an international packet plan or other contract, the usage fee will be very expensive.

To avoid high bills, leave the device in Airplane mode.

(2) After a short while, the WIFI connection screen will appear automatically. Click “COPY URL” and copy the URL

If you do not see this screen, open an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and try to access anywhere (Yahoo!, Weather Channel, etc.).

(3) Open an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Safari, and paste the URL copied in (2).

Click “CONNECT” when the wifi connection page appears.

(5) If you see the Chopin Airport homepage like this, your connection is complete!

Once connected, the system can be used for 30 minutes continuously.
After 30 minutes, the connection will be disconnected, so follow the same procedure to reconnect again.

IMPORTANT! Be careful when connecting to free WIFI.

Although not limited to the free wifi at Warsaw Chopin Airport, there are some important precautions to take when using free wifi.

It is
Risk of hacking damage

It is said that under free wifi, hackers can easily peek into other people’s communications. Terrifying.

Therefore, when using the free wifi
Never type in personal information such as credit card numbers or other important passwords.

It is wise to limit yourself to browsing the Internet and using Google Maps.

That’s how to connect to the free wifi at Warsaw Chopin Airport!

[Polish small story: A day to eat fried doughnuts like a madman

Last month, February 28, was a day called “Fat Thursday.

Every year on this day, the
People all over Poland go crazy eating fried doughnuts called ponchuki.

The ponchuki is filled with sweet jam or cream, and the surface of the donut is also covered with sweet sugar.
One or two ponchukis can be very tasty, but I don’t think it’s something to eat like crazy …
Three is the limit…

But! Poles eat, eat, eat!

Everyone at work was munching on ponchouki, and my husband’s coworkers ate a whopping 12 in one day!
He says, “I’m going to run at the gym now, so I’ll be fine!” He says;

Incidentally, this Fat Thursday is one of the Catholic religious observances.
After Fat Thursday, they refrain from eating extravagant meals until Easter.
You were finishing up your meal at Ponchuki because you won’t be able to eat good food for a while.

Today, it is said that all but the most devout Catholics do not practice moderation, but only the custom of Fat Thursday remains.

Okay, next year, aim for five!