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Anko in Warsaw : Polish Pottery Shop Review

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

There is a Polish souvenir that is very popular among Japanese women, and its name is “Polish tableware.
To be precise, it is called It is called “Boleslawiec tableware” after the place where it is produced.

In this issue Anko”, a specialty store of Boleslawiec tableware in Warsaw Anko”, a shop specializing in Boleslawiec tableware in Warsaw, Poland.
It is a favorite of Japanese wives living in Warsaw, and I have been there many times.

This is one of the best Polish tableware stores in Warsaw!

What is Boleslawiec tableware?
Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.
There are many potteries (manufacturers) and a wide variety of patterns and shapes.

Since each piece is handmade by craftsmen, it is said that no two pieces are ever the same.
Many people who buy one are so captivated by its charms that they buy a large quantity.

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What kind of store is Anko, specializing in Boleslawiec tableware (Polish tableware)?

Boleslawiec tableware placed in various places

The store is located in a residential area about 15 minutes by metro from the center of Warsaw.

At first glance, the restaurant is so small that it makes you wonder if it is really safe here.

Inside the store, Polish tableware is displayed in various places.
The ladies who work at the restaurant are friendly and nice.

Boleslawiec tableware has a number of potters (makers).
Anko handles “Ceramika Artystyczna,” a well-known and well-established manufacturer.

The back of the tableware always has the kiln’s logo on it.

The tableware of this kiln is characterized by its design and colorfulness.
There are so many cute ones ^^.

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Polish tableware I bought at Anko & recommend!

Picked up some recommendations from what I actually bought!
Prices vary depending on the pattern and shape, so please use them as a reference only!

Recommendation 1: Place tea bags about 15 zloty (450 yen)

There were many more patterns!

Perfect as a souvenir for dispersal.
It is located in the accessories section near the cash register.

A plate to place used tea bags.
It is also good for holding small snacks or small items.
(It is too small to be used as a small plate for side dishes.)

There are so many cute patterns, I can’t decide which one to choose ^^.

Recommendation 2: Deep small dish, about 30 zloty (900 yen)

For yourself or as a souvenir for your loved ones.
It is just the right size to hold side dishes and is easy to use.

The depth is just right.

There is a wide variety of patterns here as well.

That there are too many patterns to choose from.

Lots of other forms.

Recommendation 3: Gratin dish, about 100 zloty (3,000 yen)

It is heavy, so it is for people with plenty of room in their luggage. (Be careful not to get caught in the luggage weight limit at the airport!)

Besides gratin dishes, I also use mine to hold salads.
Easy to use.

What you need to know before buying Boleslawiec tableware at Anko

The chunky cups are cute, too.

Here are a few things you need to know and be aware of before you go to the store.

Lots of dishes not on the store shelves! Don’t hesitate to ask the clerk!

There is a warehouse in the back of the store with many dishes that are not on display in the store.
If you see a piece of tableware that interests you, keep asking the store clerk if there is another pattern or shape available.
They bring out a lot from the back.

The small items section in front of the cash register also stimulates the desire to buy.

English is also acceptable

The younger of the two waitresses speaks English.
I’m so used to the Japanese that I can get by with a few simple words and gestures!

Credit card payment accepted

Credit card payment is accepted.

With packaging

If you tell them you will bring it back on the plane, they will wrap it securely in plastic wrap.

I wonder if someone Japanese taught him that, but petit petit is understood as “petit petit” (laugh).

Watch the weight!

Boleslawiec tableware is heavy due to its sturdiness.
Please be careful not to overbuy and overweight your luggage.

How to get to Anko (Warsaw), basic information

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プロシェ~ (~をください)
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