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Where and how to make an appointment for a corona antigen test in Frankfurt

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Hi, I’m Harie, an expat wife in Germany!

I just got a corona antigen test the other day for my hairdresser!

This antigen test is available free of charge once a week to citizens.

The following is a summary of how to make an appointment for the inspection and my impressions of the actual test.

  • How to find a place for antigen testing in Frankfurt
  • How to make an appointment at an inspection center
  • How to read test results
  • Corona Antigen Testing Experience

Where can I get a Rapid Antigen test in Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt, the corona antigen test (German: Antigen-Schnelltest) is available at the following locations

  • pharmacy
  • inspection center
  • Hospitals (Praxis), etc.

Not all pharmacies and hospitals offer the test.

You can find out which facilities are available through the Hessian State website!

The search procedure is explained below.

How to find a place to get a corona antigen test

(1) Access to the homepage of the Citizen Test Center of the State of Hesse (Citizen Test Center)

(2) Enter the zip code of your home, etc., and click “Search”.

Corona Antigen Test Site

(3) A list of the nearest laboratories is displayed.

List of corona antigen tests

You can also display a map by selecting “Map View” in the search window.

Corona Antigen Test Map
It may not display well on a smartphone.

Antigen testing is only available to those without corona symptoms.

Please check your own state rules for testing procedures for people with symptoms of corona.

How to book a corona antigen test [example of a testing center in Frankfurt].

This time I decided to take it at the test center (Coronaschnelltest-Zentrum-FFM) in the center of Frankfurt.

Location is here↓↓↓

The ease with which reservations can be made online and the

The fact that it was possible to make an appointment for inspection even on the same day was a deciding factor.

Here’s how to make a reservation at the Frankfurt Test Center!

(1) Access the Test Center’s free citizen test appointment page


Select the desired date and time

Select any available time, click “+” and enter “1”. Click “Next.

(5) Fill in the required information.

6) Click “Next” after entering all required information.

(7) QR Voucher will be issued andyou will receive an email with your reservation completed.

Don’t worry, the times marked with red arrows appear to be open times, not appointment times!

That’s it, your reservation is complete!

I actually took the corona antigen test.

Appearance of Test Center

Arrived at the test center 5 minutes before the reserved time.

As soon as you enter, there is a reception desk


Do you have a reservation?

being forced to ask

I have a reservation!

When I replied, I was passed in front of the person who was waiting ahead of me.

It seems that if there is probably space available, they will accept the application without an appointment.

Show the QR code that was sent to you when you made your reservation and your ID.

Immediately go to the inspection room next door.

The inspection began without a moment to catch our breath.


Just the nose out of the mask, and, yes, it looks good. Yes, that’s it!

and the inspection was really over in an instant.

Incidentally, the testing method used at this test center was to stick a stick up one’s nose (the kind often used in flu tests).

Finally, I was given a set of the three items below ↓.

  • QR code to view test results
  • Precautions in case of a positive result
  • FFP2 mask (← a little happy)

The time from reception to the end of the examination was about 5 minutes.

There are also drive-through testing centers, for example near large suburban stores.

The drive-through inspection I did was easier because it was done through the throat, not the nose.

How to read the results of a corona antigen test

Results are available approximately 15 minutes after the test.

It is easy to see.

After the inspection, the QR code given to you will be scanned and the following screen will appear.

Enter your e-mail address in the red box and click “Show result”.

A PDF negative certificate can also be downloaded from the results screen.

Antigen testing is not a test method designated by Japan and cannot be used for negative certificates for return to Japan.

Corona antigen test is easier than you think.

The corona antigen test was easier than I had expected.

The time required is short and the cost is not expensive once a week.

There was not much pain during the examination.

You don’t have to speak German if you book online.

I was a little nervous before I took the test, but it was a surprisingly easy test to take!