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I went to Butchery & Wine : MICHELIN Steak Restaurant in Warsaw

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

We went to “butchery & wine” which is rumored to offer delicious steak and wine.

This restaurant, what a surprise!
It has been awarded Bib Gourmand by that Michelin Guide every year.

This looks promising ^^.

Taste of Michelin ♪ “butchery & wine” menu

Daily appetizer menu

Steak Menu

Main Menu
Appetizers 20-70 zloty (about 600-2100 yen)
Steak 20 zloty~/100g (about 900 yen~/100g)
Dessert 15-23 zloty (about 450-690 yen)
Wine by the glass 10 zloty~ (from about 300 yen)

You can see the detailed menu from the official website.
The menu seems to vary slightly from day to day.

Meat and wine have a wide range of prices.

The cheapest New York steak (from Poland) is 20 zloty (about ¥600
) for 100 g
The most expensive Wagyu beef costs a whopping 295 zloty (about 9,000 yen!) for 100 grams! The most expensive Wagyu beef is 295 zloty (100g)!

The wines are also very sprinkling.

The cheapest glass of wine is 10 zloty (about 300 yen).
The most expensive glass of wine is a whopping 119 zloty,about 3,500 yen for a 75 ml glass !

You should check the price carefully before ordering ^^;

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

Upon entering the restaurant, the tables were filled with reservations.
We were told that we could get in at the counter, and we made it in just in time.

Red wine (10 zloty, 12 zloty)

First, order a glass of wine.

I am not at all familiar with alcoholic beverages, so I have no idea what to expect from the menu.
So I decided to go with the 1st & 2nd cheapest wine ^^;

They also let us do tastings.

Drinking it on its own it was a little strong, but with meat it goes amazingly well!
It is indeed a meat and wine restaurant.

The wine selection is quite extensive.
They carry about 200 different wines.

You can choose from more than five types of wines by the glass and an unbelievable number by the bottle.
You can also see the wine menu on the official website.

Beef tongue Beef tounge (31 Zloty)

Beef tongue different from the image

Beef tongue was chosen as an appetizer.

I was expecting something like grilled beef tongue.
It was like corned beef, like fine beef jerky.

It was good there, but I don’t think I’ll order it next time.

Beef steak Rib Eye steak Poland dry aged for 14days 350g (105 zloty)

Meat…less fat.

Meat recommended by the waiter.
When we told them we were going to share, they divided the food into portions for each of us.

I ate it with the image of Japanese steak meat with lots of fat, so the first bite was a little unsatisfying.

You take a second bite, then a third, and you realize just how good it tastes!

The flavor is exquisite, not greasy or mushy.

It was delicious all the way through because it was not fatty or soggy ^^.

It went very well with red wine.

Steaks priced in 100g increments on the menu list seem to have a minimum order quantity!

I was going to order just 100 grams of T-bone steak (30 zloty/100 grams).
I was told, “We have already cut the meat and can only order from 1KG.”

It would be better to consult with the waiter before deciding, or to choose in advance from a menu that already has a fixed quantity.

Baked green beans with butter (15 zloty)

My husband said, “This is good! They’re so good!” My husband said, “This is good!

I was told that this was a great way to accompany the meat, so I asked for it.

This is delicious!
It was simply seasoned with butter and garlic (maybe), but the sweetness from the green beans was delicious!

Chocolate fondant chocolate fondant (20 zloty)

Stylish looking

The quality of the desserts here was also very high.

Especially this fondant chocolat was to die for!

chocolate that melts into melted chocolate

The crispy outer chocolate and the warm chocolate inside are a perfect match and a definite taste.
Raspberry sauce goes well with it.

It was an item I would definitely order again next time.

Creme Brulee Creme Brulee (16 zloty)

It’s rare that it comes with strawberry sauce.

The fondant chocolat was excellent, so I guess it was mediocre compared to that ^^^;
It was delicious with strawberry sauce.

Atmosphere of the store

Counter seats where wine glasses have become fashionable objets d’art

The clerk worked very briskly.
Maybe it was because we were at the counter.
They were well attentive and pleasant to serve.
I was very happy with the service.

Since the restaurant is in a higher price range, many of the customers were very relaxed.
(although the price range is “comparable” in other European countries).

It is not a super high-class restaurant, so you can wear clean, everyday clothes at all.
T-shirts and shorts may be a little uncomfortable.

Reservations are required.
Reservations can also be made through the official website.

Butchery&wine (Warsaw) directions, basic information

[table id=”4″ /]
Today's bill
258 zloty for two (7,740 yen)

Steak 105zl
Beef tongue 31zl

Baked green beans with butter 15zl
Mixed salad 14zl

Fondant Chocolat 20zl
Creme Brulee 16zl

Red wine 10zl
Red wine 12zl

Coffee 11zl
Tea 12zl
Water (large bottle) 12zl


Only two restaurants in Poland have been awarded Michelin stars.
Both restaurants are located in Warsaw and are one star.

There are four Bib Gourmands in Warsaw and one in Krakow.
You’re concentrating on Warsaw.

Incidentally, Bib Gourmand is “a rating given to restaurants that do not receive a star but offer quality food at an affordable price.
So it’s a cosy restaurant.

I’d like to visit other Bib Gourmand stores ^^.