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How to get to Boleslawiec by train from Warsaw and Krakow

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In this article, we will explain how to get to Boleslawiec, the birthplace of Polish Pottery!

In this article you will How to get to Boleslawiec by train from Warsaw Krakow, how to check the timetable, how to buy tickets, and what to expect on the trip. and more!

I’d be happy to help ^^.

How to get to Boleslawiec

Poland Map

How to get from Warsaw or Krakow to Boleslawiec by train

  1. First, go from Warsaw/Krakow to Wroclaw Central Station (about 3.5 hours)
  2. In addition, take a train from Wroclaw Central Station to Boleslawiec (about 1.5 hours)

If transit time and other factors are taken into account, it Minimum travel time is 5.5 hours. It will take at least 5 hours and a half to get to the destination. It is far… ^^;

Directions from Warsaw to Wroclaw

It takes about 3.5 hours by EIP/EIC (Polish version of bullet train).

Timetable as of January 2020 (weekdays)

Warsaw ⇒ Wroclaw

7:43-11:20 13:05-16:3915:35-19:18

Return] Wroclaw ⇒ Warsaw


*Please be sure to check the latest timetable by yourself ⇒ How to check

Another option is to fly from Warsaw to Wroclaw.

The total travel time from Warsaw city to Boleslawiec by plane is around 5.5 hours.

There are more trains than trains, so it is more convenient to go to Wroclaw, but considering the travel between the airport and the central station, waiting time at the airport, luggage restrictions, etc., the train would be easier.

How to get to Krakow⇔Wroclaw

It takes about 3.5 hours by EIP/EIC (Polish version of bullet train).

Timetable as of January 2020 (weekdays)

To] Krakow⇒Wroclaw


Return] Wroclaw⇒Krakow


*Please be sure to check the latest timetable by yourself ⇒ How to check

How to get from Wroclaw to Boleslawiec

It takes about 1.5 hours by KD (local train).

Timetable as of January 2020 (weekdays)

Wroclaw ⇒ Boleslawiec


Return] Boleslawiec ⇒ Wroclaw


*Please be sure to check the latest timetable by yourself ⇒ How to check

(Example) From Warsaw to Krakow

To give you an idea of how the transportation process works, let’s use the following example to illustrate the process.

(Example) Warsaw⇒Boleslawiec⇒Krakow

[Day 1

Warsaw ⇒ Wroclaw 7:43-11:20
Wroclaw ⇒ Boleslawiec 12:03-13:11

Touring the Polish Pottery Store from arrival to closing time…

(Overnight in Boleslawiec)

[Day 2

Touring the Polish Pottery Store until after noon…

Boleslawiec ⇒ Wroclaw 14:41-16:08
Wroclaw⇒Krakow 17:08-20:42

(Overnight in Krakow)

*Please be sure to check the latest timetable by yourself ⇒ How to check

You can stay more days in Boleslawiec, or stay in Wroclaw, the arrangement is up to you ^^.

Check timetable to Boleslawiec

Timetable site screen

To check the timetable, this site is easy to read and convenient.

Just enter your departure station, destination, and the date and time you want to check!

Polish Station Names

  • Warszawa Centralna Warsaw Central Station
  • Kraków Główny Krakow Central Station
  • Wrocław Główny Wrocław Central Station
  • Bolesławiec Boleslawiec Railway Station

How to buy train tickets to Boleslawiec

Polish High Speed Rail

Tickets for Warsaw to Wroclaw and Krakow to Wroclaw can be purchased in advance on the Internet.

We recommend that you purchase early, as there is a special early-bird discount available.

Please refer to this article for information on how to purchase tickets ⇒ A thorough explanation of the Polish railroad system from reservation and purchase to boarding!

Tickets between Wroclaw and Boleslawiec cannot be purchased online!

At the moment it seems that you can only buy it at the counter at Wroclaw Central Station or on board a local train (perhaps from the conductor?). The only way to purchase tickets seems to be at the counter at Wroclaw Central Station or on board local trains (perhaps from the conductor?).

Attention! Transportation within Boleslawiec

Exterior view of the Polish Pottery Store

There is virtually no public transportation in Boleslawiec. Getting around is basically by foot or cab.

Polish Pottery workshops are scattered in several areas. Therefore, it is quite difficult to visit tableware stores on foot. The tableware is also heavy;

When traveling to Boleslawiec by train, it is best to think in advance about how you will get there and what areas you will visit.

What to expect when using optional day trips to Boleslawiec

Halloween Polish Tableware

As you have seen so far, getting to Boleslawiec is not easy! For this reason, there are many optional day trips from Wroclaw and Krakow to Boleslawiec.

It’s easier if you take an optional tour. Before signing up, you should definitely check the following two things!

  • How many stores can I visit on that tour?
  • How much time do I have to shop in Boleslawiec?

In fact, most optional tours include sightseeing spots and glass factories outside of Boleslawiec in the package. Therefore, many tours in Boleslawiec include only a factory tour and shopping at the store attached to the factory…!

If you are thinking, “I want to visit pottery shops in the real Poland!” If you want to visit pottery shops in Poland, we do not recommend you to take a one-day tour.

If you want to visit a lot of stores, you may want to try your best on your own, or you may want to consider a tailor-made private tour with a private car only in Boleslawiec!

\”I want to read it in addition to the above.


Free comparison site for tailor-made private tours.

Boleslawiec, a tableware store tour.

Polish Tableware

Do you have an idea of how to get to Boleslawiec?

I think some of you may think it looks more difficult than you imagined… ^^; But if you work hard, you will find a Polish Pottery heaven waiting for you.

If you like Polish tableware, you’re in for a challenge!

\”I want to read it in addition to the above.