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Easy to get to on the way to sightseeing… Kawiarnia Kafka, a stylish café near Warsaw University.

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

We visited the stylish cafe “Kawiarnia Kafka,” located a little further back from the touristy Krakow suburban street.

Royal tourist route.
The pink street is Krakow Suburban Street (Krakowskie Przedmieście).
A detailed map of the restaurant can be found at the bottom of the article.

Walking distance to Warsaw University, University Library, Church of the Holy Cross, and other attractions.
But for all that, the café had a relaxed atmosphere, with lots of local customers!

Breakfast and lunch sets are also available.

Stylish cafe frequented by Warsaw University students ♪ “Kawiarnia Kafka” menu

The cakes are apparently homemade.
Main Menu and Price Range
Coffee and tea 6-16 zloty (about 180-480 yen)
Cakes 12-13 zloty (about 360-390 yen)
Morning set 12-24 zloty (about 360-720 yen)
Daily lunch set 20 zloty (about 600 yen)
Pancakes 12-26 zloty (about 360-780 yen)

You can see the menu details from the official Facebook page.

A wide variety of beverages are available.
There are more than 10 coffee-based varieties alone!

Smoothies and wine are also available.

There is a full lineup of rice dishes, and from the looks of the food ordered by the people around me, the portions seem to be large.
Maybe it’s because there are so many students.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

The restaurant is about as big as it gets.

The restaurant was rather empty when I arrived after 11:00 on a weekday.
Despite its proximity to tourist attractions, there are almost no tourists here, giving the place a secluded feel.

Cinnamon Peach (16 zloty)

Stylish looking ^^.

Just a cup of coffee… and I was so excited to see so many drinks I’d never seen before!

Now that I’ve gone all this way, I want to drink something I’ve never had before!
So, I ordered a cinnamon peach.
It seems to be in the category of coffee-based non-alcoholic drinks.

The cream is just the right amount of sweetness.
Cinnamon and cream go well together.

The accompanying raisins and cookies were also delicious.

It is sweet enough to satisfy on its own without the cake.

Atmosphere of the store

Large number of books lined up

Since the restaurant is located right next to Warsaw University, many of the customers were Warsaw University students and teacher-like people.
There are a few people here and there studying with books and computers in hand.

In the summer, you can even relax and have tea in the reclining chairs on the lawn in front of the restaurant! Looks so nice!

On this day, it is still being prepared. There will be many chairs in the summer.

You order at the cash register, and when it is ready, it is called out loudly for you to pick it up yourself.

Kawiarnia Kafka, Warsaw, Poland: directions and basic information

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