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Kim’s Center in Warsaw – Polish Pottery Shop Review –

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In this issue, we introduce Kim`s Center, a Polish tableware store located in the suburbs of Warsaw.

What makes this store unique is the wide selection of products and the large number of manufacturers it carries.We have three brands of Polish tableware.

Kim`s Center” @ Warsaw, which offers three makers of Polish tableware.

Located just outside Warsaw, Kim`s Center offers three pottery makers.

The following three manufacturers are handled.

  • Ceramika (Ceramika Artystyczna)
  • Vena)
  • Manufaktura)

The main company we deal with is Ceramica.I have the impression that most of the plates in particular were made by Ceramica.

Vena and Manufaktura had a few small items and mugs.Maybe if I tell the clerk, more will come out from the back.

The store was spacious and the selection was quite extensive. There were plenty of platters, especially large gratin dishes!

Directions & Hours of Operation

address (e.g. of house)Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 24D, 02-958 Warszawa
Business HoursClosed on Sunday
Mon~Fri 10:00~18:00
Sat. 10:00~16:00

Polish Tableware and Venna Products

Mug & Saucer 63 zloty

It’s rare to find Venna pottery in Warsaw!

Vena is a manufacturer with a chubby form and unique design.

(bottom right) Heart small dish with chili pepper pattern 30 zloty

In my mind, Venna is this pepper pattern! Cute ^^

Tea bag tray 29 zloty

The Vena tea bag tray is slightly larger and can be used as a small plate.

Royalty of Polish Tableware Mugs & Cups

In the center of the store was a whole bunch of mugs & cups!

Many were simple coffee cup shapes.There were fewer chunky, Polish Pottery-like mugs.

Ceramica cup and saucer 44 zloty
Ceramica Mag. 30 Zloty~.
Two Handled Mug 32 zurochi

Those two-handled mags are rare! I haven’t seen many. I doubt if you need two handles, lol.

Manufaktura S.A. Mag. 38 Zloty~.

There were also mugs by Manufaktura. Many of them had interesting shapes.

Small Plates and Ornaments

They had an assortment of small plates, tea bag trays, and ornaments!

(Left front) Ceramica soy sauce dish, 24 zloty

There were also soy sauce dishes, apple & heart shaped small plates, and mini fish plates.

Ornaments are all over the place.

Squeezer & Pitcher 74 Zloty~.

I was interested in the squeezer and pitcher set.

When a lemon is squeezed, it falls into the pitcher below and can be poured directly into a cup or other container.

Aside from whether or not there are situations where I would use it in such a fashionable way (lol), I wanted it.

Platters and gratin dishes

In the back of the store are many platters, gratin dishes, and large bowls.

As far as I could tell, almost all of them were made by Ceramica.

Fish plate 74 zloty~.

Cute looking fish plate. There were quite a few more than this picture. Does the owner like fish?

separate plate

They had more varieties of separate plates than any other restaurant in Warsaw!

However, many of them were quite large in size. They might not fit on a Japanese dining table ^^;

Pasta bowl 60 zloty

Lots of bowls that look good for serving pasta or curry ^^.

And many more products.

Tree Plate 149 Zloty
Gratin dishes in a variety of sizes and designs
Muffin Mold 234 Zloty

Worth a visit if you like Polish tableware.

The biggest bottleneck for Kim’s Center is that it’s far from Warsaw’s city center!

It takes less than one hour by bus, so taking a cab is recommended.With FREENOW’s light plan, it was 21 zloty from near Warsaw Central Station in less than 30 minutes!

For more information on how to use FREENOW, please see this article ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓.

The selection is quite good, so if you like Polish tableware, it is worth going even if it is far away.

There is a beautiful garden called Vilanuf Palace nearby, so it is recommended to visit there together.

Differences from Anko

Anko has more chubby mags.

The only other store in Warsaw that carries ceramics by Ceramica is Anko.

I think that Anko has more designs that Japanese people like than Kim’s Center because Anko is a Japanese purveyor. This is just my personal impression.

Prices may be a bit lower at Anko. Some prices were the same, while others were 10-20% more expensive at Kim’s Center.

If you don’t have time, you may want to use Anko only.
If you can afford it, please visit both ^^^.

If you have any questions or concerns about Warsaw or Poland, please feel free to ask us in the comments section or contact form.
I will answer to the best of my knowledge!
Please feel free to leave your comments on the article in the comments section ^^^.