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Warsaw’s best hole-in-the-wall Polish restaurant! Gospoda pod Kogutem” near the Old Town

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

We went to Gospoda pod Kogutem, a Polish restaurant just a 4-minute walk from Warsaw’s Old Town!

This Polish restaurant is recommended by a Polish friend.

You can enjoy traditional Polish cuisine in a homey, country diner-like atmosphere.

Good casual atmosphere where you can stop by alone.

Traditional Polish Cuisine! Gospoda pod Kogutem Menu & Budget

Appearance of the store

Almost all traditional Polish dishes were available! Oh, my God!
Pierogi, Jurek, Cottret, etc…

You can download the menu on the restaurant’s website. (The actual prices were a few zlotys higher than the menu on the website.)

I visited for lunch and ordered pierogi (22 zloty ≒ 660 yen) and juice (5 zloty ≒ 150 yen).
That was enough to fill me up!

The budget is around 8,000-1,500 yen with beverages. The budget is around 8,000 to 1,500 yen with beverages.

When it comes to Polish food, pierogi! What we ate at “Gospoda pod Kogutem”.

Mixed pierogi 22 zloty (660 yen)

I visited alone for lunch and had pierogi.

I ordered the mixed pierogi.
It came in three varieties: meat, cabbage & mushrooms, and potato & cheese.

The crust was sticky and delicious! I was especially addicted to the potato and cheese pierogi.

Pierogi can be hit or miss, but this place was a winner! I’d like to try their other dishes ^^.

Potato and cheese pierogi are called “Pierogi ruskie” (Russian-style pierogi ).

The reason for this is that Poles who used to live in the Russian area created this seasoning.

Pierogi ruskie is my favorite flavor. You must try it!


The fan on the bar counter is very nostalgic (lol).

The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere and is decorated like a country diner.

Although only a short distance from the old town, the area of this restaurant was sparsely populated with tourists, and the restaurant was fully booked.

Chickens in a place like a shrine.

There are two waitresses: one smiling old man and one gruff old man who looks like a stubborn old man. The atmosphere is also like a country diner (laugh).

(bottom right) The unfriendly guy sitting in front of the door of the store. It’s hard to enter!

It was a store full of lucky guesses, but I don’t dislike its loose feeling ^^.

The unpretentious atmosphere made me feel very relaxed even though I was alone. And the food was delicious.Â

It is also recommended for solo travelers.

Basic Information

address (e.g. of house)Freta 48, 00-001 Warszawa
Business Hours11:00 – 0:00 (Last order for meals: 22:00)
genrePolish Cuisine
Official HP
English MenuYes (written in both Polish and English)
Nearby Tourist AttractionsMuseum of Madame Curie (approx. 2 min. walk), Old Town Square (approx. 8 min. walk)
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