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LOT Upgrade : I’ve successfully bid for Premium Economy!!

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Polish Airlines (LOT ) is a convenient airline for travel between Warsaw and Tokyo.
Only Polish Airlines offers direct flights to Japan.
Direct flights are so much easier!

Polish Airlines is doing some interesting projects on an irregular basis.
It is a
It is an upgrade of seats by pre-bidding.

There was a bid upgrade offer on the flight I was just about to take, and it sounded interesting, so I took part.

This article provides details on bidding upgrades, mileage award rates, and how to do the upgrades, with photos.

I would be happy to help you with your trip ^^.

What is a bid upgrade on Polish Airlines (LOT)? It can double your miles!

Premium Economy Seats

Polish Airlines (LOT) Bid Upgrade is a service that allows you to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy or Premium Economy to Business Class at a discount.

The most important feature of bidding upgrades is that you decide how much you want to pay for the upgrade.

Seats are assigned from among those who participated in the bidding, in descending order of price.
The fact that the number of upgradable slots and the number of bidders are not disclosed makes it difficult to determine how much to bid…

By the way.
A LOT of bidding minimums are set each time.

Bid upgrades can only be made when an offer is received.

You can only bid when you receive an offer from Polish Airlines saying “I can bid upgrade!
Bids are one way each way.

So far I have flown LOT between Warsaw and Tokyo 4 times (2 round trips) and only once have I received an upgrade offer.
At that time
I successfully upgraded for the minimum amount of 800 zloty (about $24,000)!

By the way, the booking classes wereU and O when no offers were received.
This is the lowest booking class that awards only 30% of miles.

Maybe the upgrade offer will not be available on the cheapest ticket with the lowest booking class?
I don’t know what the truth is ^^^;

I doubled my miles after bidding upgrade to Premium Economy.

Mileage credit for upgrades

Polish Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance Group, which means you can earn ANA miles.

ANA miles were also awarded 100% the same as in regular Premium Economy when a bidding upgrade was used.
Since the award rate for the economy ticket I purchased was 50%, so
What a double!

If I had stayed in economy, it would have been 2692 miles, but because I upgraded, I got 5384 miles!

I was surprised to see in one online article that you only get miles for bid upgrades for the ticket you purchased!

Maybe ANA’s system got it wrong? Lucky?

I thought for a moment, but I didn’t think so ^^;
You never know until you try it…it was a happy miscalculation.

Generally, 1 mile is equivalent to about 2 yen, so this means that about 5,300 yen has been returned.
The cost of the upgrade at that time was 800 zloty, or about 24,000 yen.

Upgrade fee 24,000 yen – mileage redemption 5,300 yen = 1
In effect, you have upgraded to Premium Economy for only 19,000 yen!

Whether you think this is expensive or cheap is up to you!

Click here to check the ANA mileage accumulation rate when flying Polish Airlines (LOT).
To the corresponding page on the ANA website

You can’t get a good deal on a regular fare economy or a Pre-Eco to business upgrade.

According to Polish Airlines’ official website, miles from Miles and More (a mileage group of which Lufthansa Airlines is a member) are only awarded for tickets purchased.
You can also upgrade at the airport counter on the same day, but there is information online that you will only get miles for the class you purchased in that case.
I have no experience with same-day upgrades and do not know the details.
Please be sure to check at the counter if you are considering it.

Benefits of Polish Airlines (LOT) Bid Upgrade

Seating in 2-3-2 arrangement

The official website says it all in a jumble, but the biggest advantages of the upgrade are
Wider seating
Better food & drinks
will be

If you upgrade to Business Class, the use of the business lounge is also a nice feature.

Bidding upgrades are limited in the services you can receive for a lower amount.
Please note that not all Pre-Eco or Business services are available.

The bid upgrade benefits listed on the official website are as follows

Premium Economy Bid Upgrade Awards

  • Dedicated line at Call Center
  • Dedicated check-in counter
  • Priority for receiving checked baggage
  • Fast Track at the airport
  • priority boarding
  • Comfortable in-flight seating (93 cm between seats)
  • 10,6″ dedicated monitor
  • Welcome drink (soft drink)
    ⇒When I boarded, I could also choose champagne!
  • Meals, alcoholic beverages, snacks

Business Class Bid Upgrade Awards

  • Dedicated line at Call Center
  • Dedicated check-in counter
  • Priority for receiving checked baggage
  • Access to business lounges at airports
  • Fast Track at the Airport
  • priority boarding
  • Comfortable full-flat seating on board (distance between seats is 190 cm)
  • 15,4″ dedicated monitor
  • Welcome drink (champagne)
  • Meals, alcoholic beverages, snacks
When I upgraded to Premium Economy
The number of pieces of checked baggage was “only one”, the same as in Economy.

Normally, Premium Economy allows two checked bags.

There is no specific information on the official website, but please note that the number of checked baggage items will most likely not be increased!

Illustrated instructions on how to bid upgrades!

We will now explain how to participate in the upgrade bidding process.

(1) First, log in to “My Reservations” on the Polish Airlines website.

Enter your last name and reservation number and press “Next”.

(2) Scroll down the screen and you will see an item labeled “Upgrade”.
When I upgraded, it showed up over a month before departure.

It is located just below the seat assignments. If there is no upgrade offer, it will not be shown.

If you don’t see “Upgrade”, let’s just give up and assume that there was no upgrade offer this time ^^;

They may also receive upgrade offer notifications by email.

(3) Select the upgrade type and bid amount.

Move the cursor to change the amount.

You can choose between Premium Economy and Business Class upgrade types.
At this time, the
The minimum fare for Pre-Eco was 800 zloty (about 24,000 yen) and the minimum fare for Business was 2,700 zloty (about 81,000 yen).

Enter your name, e-mail address, and credit card information.

If the upgrade is successful, the funds will be automatically debited.

You may cancel or change the offer amount up to 72 hours prior to departure.

(5) Confirm the information entered and click “SUBMIT OFFER” if there are no problems.

In the black frame, the entered card information and other information will be displayed.

(6) The application is complete when you see a screen that says “Receipt Completed. You will also receive an e-mail.

Now we just have to wait for the results…

(7) You will receive an email of your upgrade decision 3 days prior to departure.

Email received upon successful upgrade

How to upgrade other than by bidding

There are other ways to upgrade, which we will briefly explain.

The first is to upgrade by paying the difference in the regular rate.
It will cost more, but it is a definite upgrade.
And you will receive all the services of that class.

The second method is to upgrade at the boarding counter on the same day.
While waiting at the boarding gate, an upgrade announcement is made.
Even when I did not receive an offer for a bid upgrade, I was always informed of an upgrade on the same day.

There is information online that same-day upgrades are expensive and do not earn miles.
It may not be a very exciting story.


In this article, we explained Polish Airlines (LOT) bidding upgrades.

Hopefully, this system will allow you to sit in a higher grade seat at a reasonable fare and earn more ANA miles.
You will not always get an offer every time, but if you are lucky enough to receive one, you may consider bidding on it.