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Polish Airlines (LOT) Premium Economy Experience Review

You can read this article also in : 日本語 (Japanese)

Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

In my last article, I introduced a great bid upgrade deal on Polish Airlines.
I was successful in getting an upgrade this time.
What it was like to actually fly Premium Economy
I would like to write about the following.

I actually flew Polish Airlines (LOT) Premium Economy.

Seating in 2-3-2 arrangement
The boarding was at the end of the year.
Nonetheless, half of the premium economy seats were empty.

Glad I don’t have a neighbor! Lucky♪

LOT Pre-Eco Seats

Premium Economy Seats
Seats are a little more spacious than in economy.
I never felt cramped because there were no neighbors.

However, the
The distance from the seat in front is closer than I expected.

I don’t feel cramped in the leg room.
The armrests between the seats are in the way!

When the person in front of you folds down his or her seat, the person by the window has a hard time getting to the aisle.
Once there, you have to sit on the armrests to get out…
I’m glad I didn’t have a neighbor this time, but I’d be more cautious if I didn’t know the person next to me.

If you are alone, you might want to choose the frontmost seat in Pre-Eco or an aisle seat in the middle.

Some online information said that the front-most seat did not have a footrest, so their legs were tired.
You may want to bring something to take the place of a footstool.

A footrest is a footrest attached under the front seat.

Apart from that, there are leg rests.
It is the part of the seat that is attached to the bottom of your seat and on which you can place your calf.

All Pre-Eco seats have leg rests. Hoodrests are available on all seats except the front most seat.

Food & Beverage

Welcome drink

Upon boarding, you will
Welcome drink
You will receive a
We had a choice of champagne or juice, so we took the champagne since we were there.

It is also nice to get bottled water.

It was hard water.

Here’s what the meal looks like.

You can choose between Japanese or Polish food.

It was quite delicious ^^.


Blankets and pillows are more firm and comfortable than economy ones.

Amenities are minimal.

Amenity Pouch
[Amenities in pouch.

  • socks
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • eye mask
  • earplug (for protection against noise or water)

One disappointment was the lack of slippers.

There was some information on the internet that I could get it if I told the CA, so I asked her, but no luck.
(Maybe it’s just my English…)

Do you have slippers?
What? What?
Um, do you have room shoes?
Ah! Then it’s in this pouch.
(By “in the pouch” I mean socks…) Senk…

The CA looked so smug that I gave up and said, “No, no, not socks, slippers! I gave up, because I was too embarrassed to say “No, no, not socks, but slippers!

Polish Airlines (LOT) What is the difference between Premium Economy and Economy?

Premium Economy has only 21 seats in total.
I felt the space was more spacious than in economy.

The CAs are courteous and helpful. (Economy is not bad either. (Economy is not bad either, just a little bit clunky).

As for seating and meals, they were a grade higher than in economy, as a matter of course.

However… I don’t think I would want to take the pre-eco at the regular price.

The price difference between economy and pre-economy on a given day is 44,000 yen.

It’s a bit expensive. If the difference was less than 30,000, I’d consider it…

I only want to use it when I can get a great deal on a bid upgrade to pre-eco!
I felt that way.

More information about bidding upgrades can be found in this article ↓↓.