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Polish tableware, directly owned by Manufaktura! 4 minutes walk from Warsaw Central Station.

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Continuing from the last time Tour of Polish Tableware (Polish Pottery) Shops @ Warsaw This is a continuation of the last time.

In this issue, I’d like to introduce you to a small Polish tableware store just a 4-minute walk from Warsaw Central Station!

Polish tableware, directly managed by Manufaktura

This store is located in Directly owned by Polish tableware manufacturer Manufaktura. It is.

It looks a bit hard to enter, but once inside, you will find a lot of cute Polish tableware.

Location & Hours of Operation

For some reason, it doesn’t show up on Google Maps, but the store is located next to a convenience store called “Żabka”.

address (e.g. of house)Emilii Plater 47, 00-001 Warszawa
Business HoursClosed on Sunday
Monday-Friday 11:00~19:00
Saturday 11:00~14:00

Polish Tableware [Bowls

Well, let’s get right to the Polish tableware we found at the store!

First, from bowls that can be used as rice bowls or small bowls^^.

The tableware with arrows also has the price written on it. (Prices may vary and are for reference only.)

Red seems so rare to me!
Bowl M 60 zloty
It’s a gorgeous but not too assertive pattern ^^.
Small square bowl, 73 zurochi
Round small bowl, 50 zurochi

Polish Tableware [Plates

Next is the plate!

Plate M (22cm) 32 zloty
The clerk says it is a very popular pattern.
Square plate 90 zloty

Polish Tableware [Mugs & Pots

If you like Polish tableware, you will surely buy one of these mugs.

The store here had a small selection of mugs and cups.

Ladybug Mug S 40 zloty
Flower-patterned mug S 46 zurochi
Pot S (0.3l) 60 zloty
I would love to have a tea bag holder to go with my mug!
Tea bag tray 19 zloty

Polish Tableware [Cutlery & Miscellaneous

There were also a small number of spoons and forks, but they were available.

Cutlery 34 zloty each
And pumpkins for Halloween!

Supplemental ] How to find a store

This restaurant is very difficult to find and enter, so I will also post a photo of the exterior of the restaurant.

It is difficult to see from the sidewalk because of the stairs right in front of the restaurant.

Go to the back of the stairs to see the entrance.

Also, please note that the atmosphere in this area is a bit bad, just in case. It might be better not to walk alone at night.

During the daytime, there are many pedestrians on the street, so it is perfectly safe for a woman to walk alone.

The best place to buy manufaktura in Warsaw!

Of all the Polish tableware stores in Warsaw, this is probably the best selection of Manufaktura products. It is a directly managed store.

Manufaktura has a lot of modern (modern? ^^^;) designs, so even those who are not interested in Polish tableware can enjoy them. I think that even people who are not interested in Polish tableware can enjoy their designs.

It’s just a short walk from Warsaw Central Station, so be sure to stop by!

If you have any questions or concerns about Warsaw or Poland, please feel free to ask us in the comments section or contact form.
I will answer to the best of my knowledge!
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