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Freshly made homemade pasta ♪ Posypane, a recommended pasta shop in Warsaw


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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

About 10 minutes walk from Warsaw Central Station.
I went to a pasta restaurant that just opened last year.

The specialty of this restaurant is homemade pasta, which is made in the restaurant every day.
They use a pasta-making machine imported from Italy.

It also has a full drink menu and can be used as a bar.

Chewy Homemade Pasta! Posypane Menu

Stylish store interior
Main Menu and Price Range
Pasta 19-38 zloty (about 570-1,140 yen)
Soup 15-19 zloty (about 450-570 yen)
Appetizers and salads 25-36 zloty (approx. 750-1,080 yen)
Sweets 18 zloty (about 540 yen)

In addition, the restaurant offers a large selection of wines, cocktails, and liqueurs.
You can see the English menu on the official Facebook page.

Budget is usually 50-70 zloty (1500-2000 yen) per person.
The price is about 50-70 zloty (1500-2000 yen) per person.
Assuming you share an appetizer and ask for one pasta and one drink each.
The portions are large, so it is totally possible to skip the appetizer.

They have a special lunch from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays, and the pasta of the day is 20 zloty (600 yen).

Also, Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm, they have a happy hour with half off bottles of wine!

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

Appearance of the store
We entered the restaurant around 2:00 p.m. for a late Sunday lunch.
The restaurant was crowded there.

Shrimp starter SHRIMPS (33 zloty)

Shrimp and cabbage stir-fried with white wine.

Definitely tasted like white wine!

It tasted even better with dill (a long, thin herb) and pak choi.

Peperoncino SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO (18 zloty)

I’m glad that many restaurants don’t have peperoncino on the menu ^^.

Tasted great, but extremely spicy!
The chili peppers are not half bad.

Good for people who like spicy food.
I’ll ask for no chili next time …


It is a bit more like a soup than a sauce.

Flat pasta is well mixed with a sauce made from stewed beef, pork, or lamb.

It was a little peculiar due to the lamb in it, but it was delicious with the umami of the meat ^^.

The pasta is kneaded with egg instead of water, so it is rather hearty.
Plus, the larger pieces of meat filled me up!

Lemonade LEMONADE (13 Zloty)

Lemonade is a staple in Poland
It was fresh and just okay.

Atmosphere of the store

The restaurant is surprisingly spacious.
The clientele ranged from children to older brothers who spread out their computers.

This time I went there for lunch, but it looked like a nice place to have pasta with a glass of wine in the evening.

There are many pizza shops, but few pasta shops in Warsaw.
Please go there when you want to eat delicious pasta ^^.

How to get to “Posypane” (Warsaw), basic information

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I’d like to say hello in Polish, but…
The Polish word for “hello”is “Dzień dobry “.

Polish people always greet each other when entering a store or at the cash register.
I am impressed by the very cheerful greetings, even from people who are not so friendly.
It’s a beautiful culture ^^.

Following the example of such Polish people, I always try to greet people when I enter a restaurant.
But here is one problem.

If you cheerfully greet them in Polish with “Dzień dobry,” they will think, “Oh, he speaks Polish! They will think, “Oh, he speaks Polish!

Restaurants serve Polish menus, and people often speak to each other in Polish in stores.
I still don’t know a bit of Polish…

I guess this problem would be solved if I greeted in English, but I don’t want to say “Hello” even though I am living in Poland and studying Polish^;

These are troubling times.