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Buy Polish Specialty Pielnik in Warsaw! Good Pielnik spoons as souvenirs too!

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(Added on October 29, 2019)

Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed.

Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I found a store specializing in Pielnik right near Warsaw’s central train station!

Pielnik is the Polish version of gingerbread and is said to have been Chopin’s favorite pastry.

At Tebe, a store specializing in pjernik, you can drink espresso from a cup and spoon made of pjernik!

Of course, you can also buy pielnik for souvenirs.

Why not stop by for a chat or to look for souvenirs?

What is Pielnik? Souvenirs!

Piernik is the Polish version of gingerbread.

Pielnik is a specialty of the small Polish town of Torun. It is a historical pastry that has been made since the Middle Ages.

There is an anecdote that once upon a time, when Chopin visited Toln, he ate Pielnik and liked it so much that he sent it to his family in Warsaw.

Pielnik or gingerbread is not only eaten as a candy, but is also used as a Christmas ornament in the West.

The American gingerbread man is a prime example.

Pielnik specialty restaurant @ Warsaw “Tebe

Inside Tebe Store

There are many pielnik stores in Toruń, but in Warsaw you will find almost no specialty stores.

So, “Tebe”, a store specializing in pielnik in Warsaw, which I found this time, may be valuable.

The store is full of ornate pierniks.

They can also be eaten except for the decorative parts.

Pielnik for eating, of course, is also available.

In addition to the photo above, there were also simple, smaller pielniks in bags. Prices are around 10 zloty.

The pielniks in the restaurant are all handmade by his wife.

Espresso in a Pielnik cup and spoon â

Espresso and mini pielnik set 12 zloty (about 360 yen)

The store also offers espresso in cups and spoons made of pielnik.

You can eat all the cups after you’re done drinking, not to mention the PIERNIX spoon! Interesting ^^

I gobbled a cup in one bite. I ate the whole thing after this.

The uncle told me to drink the espresso within 5 minutes because the cup would get soft, so I drank it in a hurry (lol).

It is hard enough to be used as a tableware. It is very satisfying to eat. The taste is quite addictive.

Heart mini pielnik is soft. It was delicious ^^.

You can also buy these Piernix spoons as souvenirs.I also bought a few of them.

A pack of 14 pieces costs 8 zloty (about 240 yen) and lasts for a long time, so they make great souvenirs!

It might be a good story if you serve it to your guests when they come over ^^.

Directions to “Tebe”, a store specializing in Pielnik

This sign is a landmark.

When you find the ↑ sign along Jerozolimskie, the main street in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, enter the back of the building from there and go to the left.

A bit of a difficult atmosphere to enter

As you enter the back of the restaurant, you will see a terrace. The door further in is the entrance to the restaurant.

Pielnik has a strong “foreign snack” feel with its strong ginger and other spices, so there may be some differences in likes and dislikes.

I rather like it ^^.
The taste is addictive, especially on cold days when you want to eat it with coffee or tea.

I hear you can buy Piernik at Cardi’s in Japan these days! If you see it, please give it a try ^^.

Tebe” specializing in pielnik Basic Information

address (e.g. of house)al. Jerozolimskie 51, 00-871 Warszawa
Business HoursClosed on Sunday
Monday-Saturday 10:00~18:00
(Saturdays from January to April until 2:00 p.m.)
genrePiernik Specialty Store
Official HP
English Menunashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
Nearby Tourist AttractionsPalace of Culture and Science (8 min. walk)
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