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[Latest by 2019] Recommended SIMs for Poland and how to buy them at the airport.

You can read this article also in : 日本語 (Japanese)

Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I want to buy a local SIM for my trip to Poland, where and how do you recommend I buy one?”

If you want to buy a Poland SIM, Warsaw airport is the place to go!
All SIM purchases, as well as passport registration necessary to open a SIM, can be done at the airport.

When I actually bought and tried it, it took only one minute to register.
The cost of the SIM is only $150!

This article will help you You will find out how to buy a SIM for Poland at the airport, recommended SIMs, how to set up your SIM, and more.

Attention! (Added July 12, 2019)

Some convenience store clerks at airports are not able to register passports.

I found out that it is up to the clerk whether or not I can register my ID. It is very Polish ^^;

More details in the text.


If you want to buy a Polish SIM, Warsaw airport is the place to go!

RELAY convenience store at Warsaw Airport. The SIM is located behind the cash register.

Some of you who have reached this article may have seen online information that you cannot buy a Polish SIM at the airport because you need to register your ID to use it.

It is true that … In Poland, it has been necessary to register your passport to use a prepaid SIM for several years now.
And for some reason, the Internet is filled with information that “you can’t register at the airport!” Somehow, there is information circulating on the Internet that “You can’t register at the airport!

But I know they sell SIMs at the convenience store at Warsaw airport.

Why bother selling something that can’t be used right away (can’t be registered)?

I have always wondered about this.

Therefore, in writing this article, I actually purchased a SIM at the Warsaw airport and asked to register my passport.

The result was… I got registered just fine!
And the sim worked fine!

I will now describe the detailed method.

(Added July 12, 2019)

Some convenience store clerks at Warsaw Airport may not be able to register your passport.

One reader who provided information told me that a female clerk told her that she could not register for ID. (When I went there it was a male clerk.)

I found out that it is up to the clerk whether or not I can register my ID. It is very Polish ^^;

If you cannot register at the airport, we recommend that you do not buy a SIM at the airport, but at Złote Tarasy, a shopping mall adjacent to Warsaw’s Central Station. You can certainly register here.

Another option is to buy a Poland-compatible SIM from Japan for insurance. (Details will be explained later.)

You can buy a Poland SIM right here at the Warsaw airport!

1 munite” on the right hand side just after exit 1

These are the two stores where you can buy & register your Polish SIM at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

  • 1 minute

Both are located just off Exit 1.

I purchased a SIM at each store and asked for passport registration, which was very smooth.
It only took me a minute to register my passport!

1minute seemed to have more attentive customer service, explaining the differences between SIMs.
Maybe it just happened that the clerk who responded to me at the time was very helpful.

Recommended SIM is “Orange”, a major Polish telecommunications company

This is the SIM I bought

The most recommended SIM for travelers is Orange’s SIM.

6 GB for 2 weeks for only 5 zloty (about 150 yen)!
LTE, of course.

Phone calls and SMS are free for 5 zloty minutes.
If you spend more than 5 zlotys, you will be charged each time you use it.

This Orange SIM is cheaper than other major telecom SIMs in Poland.

Is it safe to do so cheaply?

You might be worried about the opposite.

It’s okay!
The internet speed is perfectly fine.

Here are the results of the actual purchase and speed test.

Many Japanese residents around me also use Orange.

What to expect when buying a Polish SIM at Warsaw Airport

RELAY” on the left hand side just after Exit 1

I will write about what to expect and what you need to know in advance when buying a Poland SIM at the airport.

Exit 1 is convenient for SIM purchase

There are no stores near Exit 2 that sell SIMs.

After picking up your checked luggage at the turnstile, it is easier to exit from Exit 1.

If you come out of Exit 2, walk a few minutes to Exit 1.
Follow the line marked “Train” to Exit 1.

Set up the SIM yourself.

You can only purchase a SIM and register your passport at the convenience store at the airport.
They do not even do the setup.

Some telecommunications company stores in town will even set it up for you.
However, it also depends on the clerk, so you should consider yourself lucky if they even do the setup.

When buying a SIM, ask for an Orange SIM. Specify your telecommunications company.

Whenever I told the cashier, “Tourist SIM please,” I always got a SIM from a telecommunications company called PLAY.
(Maybe they get a store manual or a back margin?)

When I said vaguely, “I want a different one,” he said, “Don’t worry! I’m sure this one will still work! I was almost pushed aside;

PLAY’s SIM is not bad, but I think Orange is better overall. (More on that later).

How to set up and charge the Polish SIM “Orange

The size of the SIM can be changed in three levels.

We will now explain how to set up and charge the “Orenge” SIM.

The phone used in the description is an Android Galaxy S8.
The setting method differs slightly depending on the model.

Don’t forget your SIM pin!

SIM card does not come with a SIM pin.

And be careful not to lose the Japanese SIM originally in your phone!

SIM insertion and APN settings

SIM pin is not included. Remember to bring it with you from Japan!

Let’s open the package right away.

The package says that there are English instructions inside, but English instructions are only a small part of the package.
But don’t worry.
In fact, the explanation in Polish doesn’t say much either (laughs).

Just follow the setup I’m about to describe and you’ll be fine!

1) First, turn off the phone.

(2) Use the SIM pin to replace the SIM.

(3) Turn on the power.
For some phones, this is all that is needed to complete the setup.

(4) Configure access point settings.

(1) Click Settings => Connections
(2) Click on Mobile Network
Click on APN
Click Add if you do not have an Orange APN.
(5) Enter APN information as shown in red. (Where there is no entry in red, it is OK to leave it blank.
(5) APN Information 2

APN information is also available on Orange’s official website.
The APN information presented on the website seems to be somewhat different from the actual settings.
If the above photo settings do not work for you, we recommend that you try the officially published settings.

If you have gone this far and still cannot connect, go to an Orange store in town and ask the clerk for help.

5) Once you are connected to the Internet, you will receive an SMS from Orange. This completes the setup!

How to check SIM balance

Instructions included with the SIM

Check your balance if you are concerned about how much more you have left.

Incidentally, the Orange SIM includes the following two

  1. Charge amount for 5 zloty
  2. 6 GB worth of Internet buckets

The first 5 zloty worth of charge is basically Phone calls and SMS used for
Only when all 6 GB of Internet packets have been used up, the Internet fee will also be deducted from the charge amount.

Now, there are two ways to check balances.

  1. Checking charge balance via phone app
  2. Packet balance confirmation by SMS

You can check the charge balance in ① for free.
Open your phone application, enter “*124*#” and press the call button.

You will then see a balance notification.

It says “4.96 zlotys remaining, valid for 31 days remaining.”

Don’t worry, pressing the call button does not call anywhere^^.

(2) Packet balance confirmation is done by SMS.
There is a fee for this service, which costs 0.2 zloty per transaction.

Open the SMS application.
Send it with “411” in the destination address and “ILE” in the body.

As soon as you do so, you will receive an SMS from Orange informing you of your packet balance.

I received the message circled in red. It says: “5.95 GB left, valid until 6/20 at 23:59.” It says: “5.95GB left.

How to charge (top-up) your SIM

If the balance reaches zero, it can be recharged.
The charge is called Top-up in English and Doładwanie in Polish.

Unfortunately, the Polish SIM is very confusing about how this charge works ^^;

First, look at the table above.

For example, a 5 zloty charge…

  • 5 zloty charged for calls, SMS, or internet.
  • Plus, you get 2.5 GB of free Internet packets.
  • The packet is valid for 2 days.

will be.

Note that both the free bonus packets and the amount charged have an expiration date, and this expiration date is very short!
The amount of bonus packets (GB) depends on the campaign and other factors.
For more information, please visit Orange’s official website.

This charging system may seem like a good deal, but it is expensive and inconvenient for long-term use.
It is only for emergency use in case of overuse.

There are several ways to recharge, but recharging from the Orange website is the easiest.

If you use a Polish SIM for several months at a time, it is more economical to switch to a monthly plan immediately.
There is a 15GB packet plan with unlimited phone and SMS usage at 25 zloty per month.

Other Polish SIMs and Where to Buy

PLAY store in Złote Tarasy always has a line

So far I have written about how to buy an Orange SIM at Warsaw airport.
So far, this is the most affordable and easiest way to get a SIM for your trip to Poland.

However, since you might think that I am Orange’s spinner, I will introduce other Polish telecom companies’ SIMs as well for your reference.
We also show you how to buy a SIM at Warsaw Central Station or in Japan!

Other Polish SIMs

SIM for Traveler in Play

There are four main telecommunications companies in Poland.

  • Orange
  • PLAY
  • T-mobile
  • Plus

I have been recommending Orange incessantly, but the truth is that my phone’s SIM is PLAY.
With monthly plans, Orange and PLAY are no different.

PLAY also offers a SIM for travelers.

  • 1 GB for 7 days at 5 zloty
  • Unlimited domestic SMS, phone calls charged on a case-by-case basis

For the same price, Orange has 6GB for 14 days.
It’s not bad, but I don’t see any reason to dare choose PLAY.

By the way, PLAY’s internet connection is also fine for my normal use.
Stress free!

Cell phone stores in Poland may not speak English.
In this context, we feel that the PLAY store is the best English-speaking store.

If you can’t connect to Orange SIM by any chance, it would be better to use PLAY ^^.

T-mobile also offers the same SIM for travelers, which should be 5 zloty and 1GB for 5 days.
However, I had a bad impression of T-mobile store because I was offered a very expensive rip-off plan before….

Plus is not recommended as it has no SIM or English support for travelers.

Buy a SIM at Warsaw Central Station

Złote Tarasy is located on the 0th floor, between COSTA COFFEE and APART, where you will find the mobile stores.

Poland SIMs can be purchased outside of airports.

In Warsaw, the Złote Tarasy shopping mall is conveniently located next to Warsaw Central Station.

It houses Orange, PLAY, and T-mobile stores.
However, it is often crowded and the waiting time can be 30 minutes or more.
It is always crowded, especially in PLAY.

Or rent WIFI from Japan!

SIMs seem kind of daunting…”

If you think One way is to rent wifi in Japan.

With WIFI, you don’t need any complicated settings and you don’t need to speak English. You can connect to the Internet as soon as you arrive in Poland.

We recommend Global WiFi for your trip to Poland. We have 4G support within Poland and 24-hour customer support.

With the option, WIFI is also available at the transfer airport, so you can use WIFI in case of connection problems.

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Poland SIM Summary

If you’re traveling to Poland, I recommend buying an Orange SIM at the Warsaw airport!
Passport registration is mandatory in Poland, so be sure to ask the clerk to register your passport when you make your purchase.

You can’t register your passport at the airport! However, we have now learned that the situation has changed.

Seeing is believing.
Do not rely on information on the Internet.
I felt that keenly….
As an information provider, I too must be on my toes!