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6 Best Desserts you should eat in Poland

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

In this issue, we will introduce some of the best sweets & pastries in Poland.

There are many kinds of Polish sweets.
The next
We have selected Harii’s recommendations based on three selection criteria.

  • Polish-ish
  • delicious
  • If you eat this, you can say with pride that you have been to Poland (laughs).

Here they are, ranked in order of recommendation!

It also shows where the sweets can be found in Warsaw.
All of the restaurants I am referring to are places I have actually been to, so taste should not be a problem.

This time, we have narrowed it down to sweets that can be eaten at cafes and other places.
You can only taste these sweets locally, so when you come to Poland, you must try them ^^.

I will feature more about souvenir snacks available at supermarkets and other places in the future.

No.1 Recommended Sweets in Poland] Pączki (pączek)

Ponchuki (Western-style vegetarian cuisine)
Ponchuki (Western-style vegetarian cuisine)

And when it comes to Polish pastries, Ponchuki!

Ponchuki is a traditional Polish pastry consisting of a deep-fried doughnut filled with jam or chocolate.

There are a number of stores specializing in ponchuki in Poland.
That’s how much Poles love this pastry.
Once a year, there is even a day called “Fat Thursday,” when people eat ponchouki like crazy!

Reasonably priced from 3 to 5 zlotys.
You can buy them in cake shops (Cukiernia) and bakeries (Piekarnia).

I eat here.

“Stara Pączkarnia”.

Here is my favorite Ponchuki shop.
The article is fluffy, chewy and delicious ^^.

I’ve had the apple cinnamon flavor before and it was delicious.
There are stores not only in Warsaw, but all over Poland.

Szarlotka – Poland’s favorite pastry.

Charlotka, an apple cake, is one of the two most popular cakes in Poland .
(I’ll show you the other one next.)

Poland is an apple powerhouse.
In the winter, there are only apples in the fruit section;
I often see Poles munching on apples at work or on the train.

The apple cake made by these apple-loving Poles is simple and delicious.

You can eat at cafes (Kawiarnia) and cake shops (Cukiernia).
Each restaurant has a different flavor, so it may be fun to compare them.

I eat here.

“Sklep z kawą “Pożegnanie z Afryką”.

The coffee shop specializes in coffee and has an astonishing variety of coffee.
Enjoy our special coffee with apple cake.

Recommended sweets in Poland: sernik (sernik)

Polish style comes out with a fork stuck in it.

The other two major cakes in Poland are cheesecake sernik.

In fact, Poland is said to be the birthplace of cheesecake.
You can usually find cheesecake in any café.

The taste varies considerably from restaurant to restaurant, and I think it is more hit-or-miss than in Japan.

I eat here.

“Na Lato”.

The restaurant has a very pleasant green terrace.
The cheesecake here was pretty darn good!

Recommended Sweets in Poland: Gelato

Walking around Warsaw, you will often see gelato shops.
It’s not that hot in this country, but Poles love gelato.
I eat it even in the middle of winter, because it is very warm inside.

The taste may vary slightly from store to store, but it is definitely a sweet that is never far off the beaten path.

If you come to Poland in the summer, you should try this sweet not once, but twice ^^.

I eat here.

The location is a bit far from the old town, but this restaurant is very popular in Warsaw right now.

The pistachio ice cream is rich and yummy!
It was better than the one I had in Italy before (laughs).

Polish sweets No.5] Rurki (rurki)

Lurki, a common sweet eaten by Polish people.

A candy that seems unlikely to be found in Japan.
The fudgy, crispy dough is filled with just the right amount of sweet cream and topped with a little jam.

It’s a candy that makes me nostalgic even though I’ve never had it (laughs).
I often eat them as a 3 o’clock snack because they are reasonably priced ^^.

I don’t think you will find it in restaurants or upscale cafes.
Look for it at the Cake Shop (Cukiernia)!

I eat here.

Cafe Femme Fatale. Skrzypińska D.

A small cafe.
There is not much seating, so if it is crowded, you may want to take out.

Recommended sweets in Poland: Meringue cake (Beza)

Meringue cake, the number one Polish sweet among Japanese people, is a favorite of both lovers and haters (laughs).
It seems to be quite popular among Poles and is usually found in every cake shop.

A pastry consisting of cream or jam sandwiched between meringue.
Many of them are quite too sweet for Japanese people, and even I, who have a sweet tooth, sometimes give up because I can’t finish them.

But if you eat at a good restaurant, you may be surprised to find that those with a sweet tooth will be hooked.
The unique texture of this snack is addictive.

I eat here.

“Cukier Puder.”

The meringue cakes here are less sweet and easy to eat.
Smaller, fashionable meringue cakes are also available.

Extra 1] Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate
In the foreground is hot chocolate.

While we are not talking about sweets, but drinks, we would like to introduce you to a sweet drink that Poles love.
It’s hot chocolate!

It is not a familiar drink in Japan, but it is quite common in Europe and can be found in almost any café.

It is quite rich and sweet.
But strangely enough, it is surprisingly easy to drink.

Drinking it in the cold winter will warm your heart.
In Japan, it may be positioned as cocoa.

If you don’t like sweets, you may not want to try this.

I drink here.
“Chocolate Cafe E.Wedel”.

And when it comes to Polish hot chocolate, Wedel is the name of the game!

The café is popular among Japanese tourists because of its retro interior.
Takeout is also available.

Click here to read our previous article about Vedel Cafe.

Option 2: The original bagel obwarzanek (obwarzanek)

I have a bread recommendation for anyone going to Krakow!
It is the Polish version of bagel obwajanek.

Poland is said to be the birthplace of bagels.
The original bagel is this obvajanek.

Unfortunately, the original bagels are only available in (and around) Krakow.

Buy them from the blue stalls that can be found all over Krakow.
It is usually sold by an unfriendly uncle or aunt.

The atmosphere of the stall may make you wonder, “Is it really tasty?” but don’t worry!
I bought some at a clean store in the basement of Krakow station and compared them, but the uncle’s stall was definitely better.

The chewy, chewy texture is irresistible.
You can choose from three types: cheese (Ser), sesame (Sezam), and poppy seed (Mak).


How about 6 recommended Polish sweets + 2 extras?

There are many other places to eat in addition to the restaurants we have mentioned.
If you have time, I recommend you to compare the food at various restaurants ^^.

Too busy sightseeing to visit a cafe?
If that’s the case, just eat the #1 recommended ponchuki for starters!
As long as you eat it, you can confidently say, “I’ve been to Poland! I can confidently say, “I went to Poland!

Polish small talk] Polish style (?) Mushroom hunting

Poles often go mushroom hunting.
Mushrooms and, depending on the season, porcini mushrooms can also be obtained.

The other day, a Polish friend of mine was telling me about a mushroom-picking trip he went on.
Did you go with someone who knows mushrooms?”
I asked, and the answer is no.

Then how do you tell the edible mushrooms from the poisonous ones?”
I asked.

It’s easy. All you have to do is try a little bit.”
If you eat one and it numbs your tongue, it’s a poisonous mushroom. It’s that easy, right?”

I see…

It is unclear if this is Polish style or his style.

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