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Harie’s profile


Nice to meet you, I’m Harii!

Since 2018. Accompanying her husband on his overseas assignment expatriate wife I have been a

After spending nearly two years in Poland

He currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

Prior to accompanying him on his expatriate assignment.

  • Living Abroad for the First Time
  • First time expatriate wife community
  • Life as a housewife

I was filled with anxiety about the

When I went from being a co-worker to a full-time housewife, I was worried and
I was often bewildered.

I started this blog in earnest while I was stationed in Japan.

The more I was able to do, the more I changed my mind.

  • We provide consultation for those who are going to be stationed in Japan.
  • Advice for those planning to travel to Poland and
  • I have been asked to write for travel web media and
  • Appearing on a radio program on TOKYO FM (!)
  • It is possible to earn several tens of thousands of yen a month in pocket money.

These activities build self-confidence and

I’ve enjoyed my expatriate/transferee life so much that it’s become a real joy before I know it!

When I say this, I mean this.


Harie is active and awesome!

What people say to me.
It’s not amazing at all!

Because. Until just a few years ago.

You’re lying on the couch, watching foreign dramas, and the next thing you know, the sun is setting.

I was a housewife with a lot on my plate.

Who is Harie & her background


I am an expat wife in my 30s.

I live with my husband, also in his 30’s!

Previously, he was an office worker.
I was what’s called a “bari-carrier.

I retired and became a full-time housewife when my husband was transferred within Japan.

I didn’t really like my job that much (laughs), so I had no regrets about leaving.

But I was not suited to be a housewife, and I suffered.

I hate all housework.

And it’s not like my paycheck is going to increase if I work hard at the house.

No one appreciates it… !

Inspired by Gakki from Runaway Shame

‘Let’s think of housework as work!’ and

I once tried to motivate myself.

But housework isn’t something that can be completely separated from work.

It’s a crazy intrusion into my personal life.

When you think of housework as “work,”

I feel like I have to work hard all the time in the house, and it’s even harder…!

In addition At work, I was rewarded for my efforts in the tangible form of recognition from my boss and a paycheck, but I was also rewarded for my efforts in the tangible form of a paycheck.

Housewifery doesn’t have that either.

I once tried asking my husband for that.

It’s also a bit awkward for my husband to be the boss, and I feel it’s not right….

I’m kind of frustrated every day.

It’s kind of a blur every day.

With such unspoken and bewildering feelings

I was staring at an article on Yahoo News that I had no interest in, and before I knew it, three hours had passed…

I was watching foreign dramas in the morning, and before I knew it, the sun was setting…

I was living the life of The Dame.

It still happens from time to time… (laughter)

And so, without ever getting used to being a housewife.

This time, my husband was transferred abroad and we moved to Poland.

So, I’ve been writing a little bit for a while now, but I’ve been falling behind. I have started blogging in earnest.

At first, the blog had no traffic at all.

After six months, we began to receive comments and feedback from a small number of people.


Thanks to Harie’s blog.

I really enjoyed my trip to Poland!

Thank you!


I appreciate the info on your blog so much!

Thank you very much.


I always look forward to your blog!

More and more people are saying this to me.

I guess even I can help someone!

I was very happy to feel that way.

In addition, from travel web media

Would you like to write an article for our website?”

I have received invitations to

From a radio program on TOKYO FM

‘Could you talk about Poland on the radio?’

I even received a request to appear at the event.

It was only for a week, and I appeared for only a few dozen seconds every day (laughs).

My parents and relatives living in Japan were very happy, so I’m glad I did it.

The blog itself has been visited by many more people than when I started it.

From there I also started earning about several tens of thousands of yen per month.

After two years of living in Poland, I

My husband was transferred from Poland to Germany and here we are.

Currently, in addition to Polish information

We also provide information on Germany and useful information on living in Japan for expatriates.

I’ll keep this blog getting better and better!!!

About this blog & who should read it!

This is what we write about in this blog.

  • What to prepare for when you decide to go abroad
  • Useful information to make your expatriation 10 times more enjoyable
  • Poland Travel Information
  • Polish Tableware.
  • Information on life in Germany (in preparation) etc…

*We’re getting rave reviews!

Who should read this blog

If only we could get people like this to come to this blog!

  • Wives and husbands of expatriates
  • Wives and husbands-to-be
  • Those living abroad
  • If you want to travel to Poland
  • Polish tableware lovers
  • Living in Germany etc…

Of course, people who do not fit into the above categories are also welcome♪

Why I blog


Writing a blog sounds like a lot of work!

I don’t know how you don’t get into trouble!

Sometimes my friends tell me that.

Yes, there is a lot of tedious work (laughs).

I am not a regular user, so I sometimes stop updating for a long time…….

Why I still blog, Part 1

Before you begin your expatriate assignment

I was gathering information from blogs of expatriate wives.

It was very informative and

It was very reassuring to know about local information and life overseas in advance.

I’m still looking at a lot of people’s blogs and

The information has helped me and enriched my life as an expatriate.


I hope I can be of some help to those who are anxious about living abroad and those who are in trouble.

That’s what I’m blogging about!

Why I still blog, Part 2

And, well.

I’m sorry if I sounded arrogant.

Sometimes it’s for my own good after all… (laughs)

‘Thanks for your article Harii, it helped me a lot! Thank you!

I look forward to your blog!”

It makes me happy to hear you say that, and that is why I am able to continue blogging.

Also, I have been able to earn I have also been able to earn income through my blog, although it is only a few thousand yen per month.

It is a great motivation.

Being the wife of a transferee.

Every few years what has been built up can be reset.

It’s the same with relationships, and it’s the same with work.

Especially jobs, because of the short number of years they can work and visa requirements.

It is quite difficult to get started in the first place.

But a blog that can continue regardless of where you live will allow you to continue even if you relocate or move.

I feel that having even one such thing makes me feel more stable.

I wish I could establish a way of working that is not affected by being transferred to Africa, India, or anywhere else.

That is my goal now and another reason why I continue to keep this blog.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy profile all the way through!