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Pizza that even Italians rave about! Spacca Napoli, Italian restaurant near the Palace of Culture and Science

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

When you travel to Poland, you want to eat Polish food, right?

Here’s one thing that happens when you travel to Poland.

Trip Day 1

I’m gonna eat all the Polish food I can find!
2nd day
Yummy Polish food! I’m still eating!
3rd day
I’m bored…

It is a common phenomenon in foreign countries that no matter how delicious the food is, people often get tired of eating it every day.

When I used to go to Mexico, I ate tacos every day, and from the third day on, I almost went crazy just looking at tacos.

It’s good, but I’m tired of Polish food every day.

Italian food is the place to go when you are in such a situation.
As a matter of fact, there are many good Italian restaurants in Warsaw.

Today I’d like to introduce you to SPACCA NAPOLI, a restaurant I frequent!

Rumor has it that the pizza at this restaurant is even approved by Italians.
The restaurant is crowded daily with local Warsawites and Italians.


pizza menu
Pasta Menu
Main Menu and Prices
Pizza 20-36 zloty (about 600-1080 yen)
Pasta 24-32 zloty (about 720-960 yen)
Salads 18-30 zloty (about 540-900 yen)
Dessert 13-20 zloty (about 390-600 yen)

You can see the detailed menu from the official website.

Pizza is a must have!
The pasta is also chewy and delicious.

If you’re going with more than two people.
I suggest ordering both pasta and pizza to share!

It is a pity that the drinks here are honestly not good.
I asked for house wine and lemonade, both of which were subtle.

So I always use juice or mineral water.
Gas-filled mineral water goes surprisingly well with pizza and pasta.Â

A daily lunch menu is also available on weekdays.

From 26 zloty (about 780 yen) for a main course + sweets + drink.
The contents and prices change from day to day.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

The restaurant is popular, so it is always crowded both during the day and at night.


22 zloty (about 660 yen)

When it comes to pizza, Margherita is the best! (Is that so? by my husband)

Dough is chewy
Cheese is melted

The fabric is thin, so even a woman can go for one piece.

I like simple pizza, so I quite like their Margherita.


26 zloty (about 780 yen)

Pizza with spicy salami added to the Margherita filling.

I thought the new salami would be a nice addition to the menu! I was disappointed to find that the Margherita was better than the Salami! The result was that the margherita was better!

The salami was a little too spicy…
It was also a little sour and not my favorite…

Incidentally, “diabola” means “devilish style” in Italian.

If you like spicy food, try the “devil style” pizza.

tagliatelle boscaiola tagliatelle alla boscaiola

30 zloty (about 900 yen)

The moment it was brought to the table, the aroma of truffles…

I knew before I ate it that it was going to be delicious.
I knew before I even ate the pasta.

The sausage, mushrooms, and cheese are a delicious combination!

If you like mushrooms, you’ll love this!

Tagliatelle, by the way, is a flat pasta.
It is a fashionable “kishimen” noodle.

Boscaiola means “lumberjack wind.”
Indeed, the scent of the forest was in the air.


24 zloty (about 720 yen)
This is the pasta in the back. I suck at photography…

Simple pasta with only tomato sauce, basil and cheese.
Is it a pasta version of margherita?

So simple, but so good!
It is good when you want pasta with a gentle taste.

carbonara spaghetti alla carbonara

26 zloty (780 yen)

I also ordered the standard carbonara.

I don’t know if it was an accidental mistake or if this is how it is supposed to be, but the pasta was a little tough.
Too much al dente…

The seasoning was strong and I don’t think I’ll order it next time.

One day’s lunch set

penne bolognese
Dessert and espresso

Penne Bolognese
Mini cannoli siciliani (like a rolled pie)
28 zloty (about 840 yen)

The bolognese was delicious there.
But that’s it for dessert…

I ordered a lunch set without looking at the menu, but I would have preferred to order a la carte for this.

You can check the details of the daily lunch on the blackboard at the back of the restaurant or on the restaurant’s Facebook page.
I have a feeling it’s very hit or miss.
You should always check the details before ordering.
I feel that it can be very hit-or-miss.

If you do not like the content, you can order from the regular menu.

I guess it depends on the lunch menu, but I had the impression that not that many people were ordering from the lunch menu on the day I went.

I was looking at past lunch sets and there was one day when the Margherita Panna Cotta cost 26 zloty.
Wish I could have been there on this day!

Lunch sets are available only on weekdays.

Atmosphere of the store

Unusually empty on this day, but usually full.

It is always crowded and lively.

There are few waitstaff, despite the fact that the restaurant is always close to full.
It was hard to catch the clerk.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the
The drawback is that it takes rather long to order and pay the bill.

The affability is there, though.

This is a restaurant where you go for good food rather than quality service.

Sometimes, even on weekdays, the restaurant is full and you cannot get in.
It is better to make a reservation if possible.

SPACCA NAPOLI Directions, hours of operation, basic information

address (e.g. of house) Świętokrzyska 30, 00-116 Warszawa
Business Hours Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 22:00
Fri. 12:00 – 23:00
Sat. 12:00 – midnight
genre Italian
Official HP and Facebook
English Menu Yes (written in both Polish and Italian)
Nearby Tourist Attractions Palace of Culture and Science (5 min. walk)
Cleanliness of restrooms 0 (Normal. Quite clean for a foreign country.)

Polish people, young and old, are very kind.

If there is a mother pushing a stroller in front of the stairs, it is a normal sight to see a young brother quickly helping her.
When the grandmother fell down in the street, people around her rushed to her at once.

I always feel that I need to learn from these places.

In private, Poles are very kind, but when it comes to work, they suddenly become cold.

I’m stunned by the gap (laughs).

Rest assured that people in the hospitality and tourism industry are as friendly as ever.
When it comes to living in a house, a generous heart and the luxury of waiting patiently are required ^^;