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I went to Stary Dom : Great Polish Restaurant you should never miss.

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I went to a restaurant that is popular among Japanese expatriates and that I had always wanted to visit.

Stary dom is an upscale Polish restaurant located in a residential area of Warsaw.
I’m finally here!

It is a famous restaurant that has been visited by dignitaries from many countries.
High expectations.Exciting♪

Stary Dom Menu

Main Menu and Prices

Cold appetizers 23-43 zloty (about 690-1290 yen)
Soup 15-21 zloty (about 450-630 yen)
Hot appetizers 25-43 zloty (about 750-1290 yen)
Main 31-59 zloty (about 930-1770 yen)
Sweets 15-25 zloty (about 450-750 yen)

You can see the English version of the menu on the official website.

It’s a little more expensive than some of the other places I’ve been to.
It is indeed inexpensive Poland to be able to eat at this price in a so-called high-end restaurant.

Each one is voluptuous.

One starter + one soup + one main (+ sweets) is enough for two people
I think that is enough for two people.

This time, four of us ordered one appetizer + two soups + two entrees + two sweets.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

The moment you enter the store, the place you will see
Flowers, Flowers, Flowers
And there was a chandelier.
Gorgeous feeling
is amazing.

Stary Dom, which translates to “old house,” gives a sense of the good old days in Poland.

We arrived at the restaurant around 1:00 p.m. and the restaurant was still empty.

Customers started coming in after about 2:00 p.m., and by 3:00 p.m. when we left the restaurant, it was quite crowded.

Tatar of seasoned beef fillet

I was definitely going to try this when I got here, and
Beef Tartar
I had to try the beef tartar.
Now you can’t eat it in Japan.
Polish version of “Yukke”.
It is.

At this restaurant, the chef prepares the food in front of you.

Chef tapping the meat

The chef begins to cook with a smug look on his face.

The chef winks at us as we hold up our cameras.

Chef glances around to see if other customers are paying attention to him.

The chef’s smug face never stops while cooking (laughs).

Here is the finished product.

The harmony of beef, onions, raw egg yolk, and several spices is superb!

Oooooh, the meat is so juicy!

I’ve had beef tartare at several Polish restaurants, but this one is exceptional!

Joulec with porcini mushrooms Traditional zur made with boletus mushrooms

The second dish is jurek, a traditional Polish home-style dish.

The porcini was delicious with a nice broth (flavor?). It was delicious.

Jurek is a
Slightly sour soup made from rye
It is a

It has a feeling not found in Japanese soups, so I guess there are different likes and dislikes.
I like it, but my husband doesn’t really like the acidity.

The soup was filled with boiled eggs and sausage.

Polish version of cabbage rolls Gowompki Golabki as mum makes

All the food was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture halfway through…already halfway through (laughs).

This is another traditional Polish home-style dish.
Similar to the Japanese cabbage roll, it is a popular menu item among the Japanese.

By the way, I ordered another dish
Polish-style pork cutlet on the bone as the main dish.
I also ordered another dish, “Pork cutlet on the bone”.
I completely forgot to take a picture of this one…

It is a thinly stretched and deep-fried pork loin, and is almost always found in all Polish restaurants.

I’ve eaten at other restaurants before.
I remember being disappointed that the pork was so thin that it was almost like a batter. I remember being disappointed because the pork was so thin and almost like a batter.

The one here was a proper cutlet!
Meaty and tasty!

sweets (desserts, candy, etc.)

I’m full of it.
But dessert is another story!

Order the chocolate mousse and the raspberry tart.

You can choose your favorite cake from the show window.

By the way.
Note that Polish sweets are often too sweet.
is necessary…

This time, I asked the waitress ahead of time which sweets were less sweet, and she answered with some difficulty.

Everything is sweet… but the chocolate mousse and the fruit tart are just a little too sweet.

The chocolate mousse was as the waitress had advised, and the chocolate mousse was black chocolate-like and rich, but not too sweet.

The tart was delicious and the cream was not too sweet.

Even though I was so full, I finished the meal without missing a beat.


Open and airy interior with high ceilings

The restaurant is luxurious, but the staff was frank and friendly.
Of course, English is also acceptable.

Perhaps because it was lunch, there were only a few customers dressed up.
I guess there were many families.

Once you try Polish food here, you may never eat at other restaurants again.
It was that good!

It is far from the tourist area, but it is worth the trip.

Reservations required at night.
Reservations are required at night.

Lunch is said to be the hole-in-the-wall time when you can often get in without a reservation.

However, there are not many other restaurants in the area, so it is better to make a reservation if possible.

Stary Dom Directions, hours of operation, basic information

address (e.g. of house)Puławska 104/106, 02-620 Warszawa
About 30 minutes by bus from the old town.
Business HoursMonday-Sunday 12:00-23:30 (L.O. 22:30)
genrePolish Cuisine
Official HP
TEL(+48) 22 646 42 08
English Menuant
Nearby Tourist Attractionsnashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
Cleanliness of restrooms0 (Normal. Quite clean for a foreign country.)
Today's bill
324 zloty (about 9,720 yen) for four people

Beef Tartar x1 39zl
Jurek x2 42zl
Gowonpki x1 25zl
Pork cutlet x1 31zl
Mashed potatoes x1 7zl

Cake x2 38zl

Wine x3 45zl
Juice x1 13zl
Coffee/Tea x4 42zl
Water x1 12zl

Service charge 30zl

Polish small talk (2)

In Poland, it is traditional to eat
Lunch is the main meal.

Even though it is called lunch, we start eating from about 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

He eats a hearty lunch and only light meals, such as sandwiches, at night.

I wonder if they get hungry and can’t sleep…

The traditional rice schedule looks like this↓.

Breakfast (Śniadanie Śniadanie) 07:00
Lunch (Obiad) 15:00 Main
Evening meal (Kolacja Kolaczia) 19:00 Light

I’d snack between each meal.

Some people say, “Poles eat five meals a day!”
It is sometimes said, “Polish people eat five meals a day!

Lifestyles are changing these days.
They are also increasingly eating styles similar to those in Europe, the United States, and Japan.