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Convenient for a break after the Chopin Museum! Stylish cafe “STOR

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I’ve found a nice, trendy cafe with a good vibe for a long time!

A cafe with great coffee near the Chopin Museum. It’s a convenient place to take a break while sightseeing!

Coffee with a difference! STOR” Menu

Main Menu and Prices
  • Coffee 9-16 zloty (about 270-480 yen)
  • Tea 12~16 zloty (about 360~480 yen)
  • Cake 12~14 zloty (about 360~420 yen)
  • Light meal 12~14 zloty (about 360~420 yen), etc.

I did not see an English menu in the restaurant, but the waitress spoke English.

There is an English menu on the official Facebook page, so it may be easier to go there after looking here.

There were light meals, but they seemed quite light, such as sandwiches and granola. I did not eat, but the cakes looked delicious ^^.

It’s a place to take a break with a good cup of coffee.

What we ordered

I ordered a cappuccino and a cafe latte.

Cappuccino (11.5 zloty)

The bubbles were so creamy, so good!

Probably the best cappuccino I’ve had in Poland. Highly recommended.

Latte (14.5 zloty)

The latte was equally creamy and delicious! Good latte art too ^^.

And the coffee cups were so stylish and nice!

Impression of the store / Atmosphere


The restaurant is not very large, with only seven tables and a counter. There was also a little sitting area outside.

The interior was simple, but there was a stylish atmosphere everywhere.

There are a few people here and there in the restaurant with their computers open, working or studying, and many seem to be regulars.

It is a café to stop by when you want to take a break, not to chat and linger.

STOR was an unusually eco-friendly store in Poland.

There is a compact stylish composter in the restaurant, and they are converting leftover food from the restaurant into fertilizer.

In addition to this, the company also offers various other eco-friendly initiatives, such as a one zloty discount if you bring a takeout mug purchased at the store.

Poland is less environmentally conscious than other European countries. I hope to see more and more stores like this in the future.

STOR” Basic Information and Directions

address (e.g. of house)Tamka 33, 00-355 Warszawa
Business Hours08:30~21:30
Official HP
English MenuProbably none (on official Facebook)
Nearby Tourist AttractionsChopin Museum (about 2 minutes walking distance)
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