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Warsaw Old Town】Café “To Lubię” where you can take a relaxing coffee break.

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

To Lubię, a small cafe in Warsaw’s Old Town
I went to

This is the
TripAdvisor’s “Desserts and Confectionery in Warsaw” section

What a 1st place out of 71 restaurants!
The restaurant is a gem. (as of September 2018)

How is the taste!

To Lubię Menu

Main Menu and Prices
Breakfast set 18 zloty
Selnick (cheesecake) 13 Zloty
Drinks approx. 10-15 zloty

This store is…
Many kinds of drinks
The best place to get a drink!
Coffee and tea were available, as well as hot chocolate, shakes, and wine.

A wide variety of flavored lattes & frappes.
It’s a bit like Starbucks – cinnamon honey latte, chocolate mint frappe, etc.

Cakes included brownies and meringue cake as well as cheesecake.
I think the price was about the same as the cheesecake.

Breakfast sets are available in continental, local, and vegetarian options.
The contents of each were slightly different, but the basic set consisted of bread, cheese, and vegetables or fruits.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

A hideaway-style café tucked away in the middle of a sightseeing area
3 minutes walk from the Old Town Square, Warsaw’s No.1 tourist attraction.

It is a cute little store with a cozy atmosphere.

Honey Cinnamon Frappe Double

You can choose single or double. I don’t know much about coffee, but I probably mean coffee thickness ^^;
I asked for a drink with a long, spellbinding name (laughs).

Delicious with a hint of cinnamon.

Come to think of it, I think this is the first time I have had a drink with cinnamon since I came to Poland.
You don’t see them in stores very often.

I thought it was a frappe, so I thought it would be ice-cold, ice-cold, ice-cold, ice-cold.
Just a little colder than room temperature (laughs).

There is Poland.

More like an iced latte than a frappe.
I’m not sure if it’s a frappe or an iced latte.
But delicious! I wish I could copy it at home…

Selnick (cheesecake)

Looks so delicious…
Selnick, which was highly praised on TripAdvisor.

The flavor seems to change from day to day, and today it was blueberry flavor.

Now for the real food!

Well… it’s not bad, but… this is number one?

I wonder…
I guess my expectations were too high (laughs).

It was a bit mushy and tasted protein-rich.

There are many more delicious cake shops in Warsaw.
Well, everyone has their own tastes.

Atmosphere of the store

The interior is quite simple. The big windows make it feel so open and inviting!
It was very small, with three tables on the first floor and five tables on the second floor.

The only seating for a large group is at one six-person table upstairs.
The rest of the rooms are only for two people (three people can just barely fit).
Not suitable for large groups.

Many people were alone with computers in hand, and the time was quiet and relaxed, not unlike a tourist spot.

The background music sounds like something you’d hear on a jungle cruise at Disneyland.
It creates a more laid-back feeling (laughs).

A cafe for those who want to take a leisurely coffee break.
for those who want to take a leisurely coffee break.

To Lubię: directions, hours of operation, basic information

address (e.g. of house) Freta 8, 00-227 Warszawa
Business Hours Monday-Sunday 09:00-22:00
genre cafe
Official HP
English Menu ant
Nearby Tourist Attractions 1 minute walk from Barbacan, 1 minute walk from Museum of Madame Curie, 3 minute walk from Old Town Square
Today's bill
28 zloty (about 840 yen) per person

Honey Cinnamon Frappe Double x1 15zl
Celnick (cheesecake) x1 13zl

Polish Small Talk (3)

Polish people are friendly.
They are
They speak to strangers, young and old, male and female, without hesitation.

One day I was having lunch at a cafe when suddenly a girl spoke to me.
“That looks so good! What’s the name of that menu?”

Another time, when I was riding my bicycle and waiting at a traffic light, a brother who was also waiting at the light asked me.
“That’s a cool bike! Where did you get it?”

If I wander around the park, a passing grandmother will of course call out to me.
“I love your shoes! They’re so cute.”

I was quite surprised when I first arrived in Warsaw.
I have never been approached so many times by strangers in Japan.

I have been living in Warsaw for about six months.

When I was in the food court the other day, I couldn’t help but ask when I spotted an uncle eating a delicious-looking small basket.

Where did you get that?”

I seem to be steadily being Polishized as well.