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Fire TV Stick works overseas! How to set up a VPN to watch Japanese TV

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Hello! I’m Harii from Japan. I live in Germany.

Fire TV Stick works just fine overseas!

I further use a service called VPN together to watch Japanese TV shows daily on Tver, Japanese Netflix, and Hulu.

Using both Fire TV Stick and VPN, you can do this ↓.

  1. Japanese TV programs can be viewed from overseas.
  2. Can be viewed on a large TV screen with a single remote control.

Fire TV Stick and VPN combination is now a necessity for expat life!

This article explains how to use Fire TV Stick overseas and how to set up a VPN.

  • How to use Fire TV Stick overseas
  • Content that can be viewed when using Fire TV Stick without VPN
  • How to set up a VPN on Fire TV Stick
  • How to watch Japanese programs on the big screen of your TV without Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick works overseas! Plus VPN for unlimited Japanese TV viewing!


Fire TV Stick bought in Japan can be used overseas without modification!

Rather, Japanese ones are more convenient because they are equipped with Japanese video streaming applications such as “Tver”.

I also use a Japanese Fire TV Stick to watch Japanese TV shows on Tver, Japanese Netflix, Hulu, etc.

You can watch it on the big screen of your TV and feel as if you are in Japan. It’s the cure for living abroad …!

In order to watch Tver, the Japanese version of Netflix, and Hulu from abroad, an additional “VPN” is required.Please note!

For more information on VPNs, please refer to this article.

I ordered an Amazon Fire TV Stick from Japan.

I wasn’t sure if I could put Japanese apps such as Tver on the foreign version of Amazon Fire TV Stick sold in Germany….

I suggest you buy one before you travel!

What happens if I use Fire TV Stick from abroad without VPN?

Can I use Fire TV Stick from abroad without VPN?

No, you can use your Fire TV Stick abroad without a VPN.

However!The number of programs you can watch is limited, and you cannot watch all the programs you used to watch in Japan.

Here is an example of programs and content that can be viewed without a VPN

  • Youtube
  • NHK World
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video in the country of stay…. .etc.

What you can see on Netflix, Hulu, etc. will be “content from the country of stay”.

For example, if you use a Fire TV Stick brought from Japan in Germany, you can watch the German version of Netflix/Hulu.

Therefore, the number of The number of Japanese programs will be very limited, and the number of Japanese subtitles for foreign films will be much reduced.

So if you’re going to use your Fire TV Stick overseas, I recommend you use a VPN with it!

VPNs offer many paid and free services.

However, among them, there are not many VPNs where you can watch Tver or the Japanese version of Netflix/Hulu.

  • Can I watch the video sites I want to watch?
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • Is it safe?

We recommend that you check carefully before choosing a VPN, for example!

30-day money back guarantee.

↑upThe VPN I use is hereup

How to set up a VPN to use Fire TV Stick overseas

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick into your TV and connect it to your VPN, and you can easily watch “Tver” and other streamed videos on the big screen!

Connection & setup is very easy.

Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to TV

Connect to the HDMI port.

If the image or picture quality is not correct, try connecting to a different HDMI port.

Ours worked fine with the “HDMI2” port!

(2) Follow the on-screen instructions for WIFI connection, etc.

Amazon Fire TV Stick remote control

All operations can be done with this included remote control.

It doesn’t take up much space and it’s nice and crisp.

Install the Nord VPN app

Please search for “Nord VPN” in the search or voice search.

Or you can go to “Apps => Categories => Utilities”.

(4) Enter your Nord VPN account and log in

You can read more about how to register Nord VPN in this article!

(5) From “Home ⇒ Search”, enter “JP” and click “Japan”.

Now I’m connected to the VPN!

After the second time, simply click on “Japan” on the home screen.

Now you’ll be able to watch Japanese videos from apps like Tver, GYAO, Abema, and more!

When the VPN is no longer needed, it can be deactivated with a single click on the “Disconnect” button on the home page.

Click here for 4K TV

Click here for the standard version

How to watch Japanese TV on the big screen of your TV without Fire TV Stick

Is there any way to watch it on the big screen of my TV without the Fire TV Stick?

Yes, there are. The following two are the most common.

  1. Mirroring from your phone
  2. Using an HDMI cable

However, it is a bit cumbersome and it would be more convenient to buy a Fire TV Stick….

Let us briefly show you how to do each of these.

Mirroring from a smartphone connected to a VPN

You can send images from a smartphone connected to a VPN to a TV via Chromecast or other means. (Mirroring)

It can be done, but I don’t recommend this approach, as it is quite tedious… I can do it.

For example, if you try to look at Tver this way … ↓ …

  1. Connect your phone to a VPN
  2. Start up Tver -> Play video -> Pause.
  3. Disconnect VPN (*)
  4. Cast to TV (mirroring) with Chromecast

*Chromecast is not available during VPN connection.

In the case of Tver, if you are connected to the VPN only when you start playing a video, you can then watch the rest of the video even if you turn off the VPN.

But every time I want to play another video, I have to reconnect to the VPN, which is quite a hassle….

Also, some apps do not work this way. (I believe Netflix didn’t work for me.)

Amazon Fire TV Stick is more convenient and saves a step or two.

How to use an HDMI cable

This is a primitive method, but if you connect your computer connected to the VPN to your TV with an HDMI cable, you can watch Japanese TV such as Tver or GYAO on a large screen.

It’s easy to set up, just plug in the cables.

It is very troublesome to have to go to the computer every time you want to operate something….

Just a few times a year, I wanna see a movie or a live streaming show on the big screen of my TV!

It is suitable for people who want to

Enjoy Japanese TV from abroad on the big screen with Fire TV Stick♪

VPNs and connection settings… Sounds complicated! It’s a pain in the ass!

That’s what I used to think, but when I got off my ass and actually tried it, it was so easy that I lost my patience!

Registration to Nord VPN ⇒ approx. 5 min.

Amazon Fire TV Stick setup => approx. 5 min.

Only 10 minutes total, and you can watch all the Japanese TV you want, stress-free!

I think this was worth doing.

I should have done it sooner…!

↓Here is the VPN I’m using

Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee /.

Click here for a detailed article on Nord VPN.