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Casually enjoy cocktails at our recommended bar in Warsaw… “BAR CENTRALNY KOSZYKI”.

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I’d love to go to a fancy bar abroad!”
Do you ever think that
But the problem is that bars are a bit expensive….

When you do, you will find
Why not visit “Hala Koszki”, a fashionable spot in Warsaw?

Hala Koski is a complex with a food court, bar, and grocery store, and is a very popular spot for Warsaw’s young people.

It is located in Hala Koszuki.
The bar “Bar Centralny Koszkyki” is located in the center of the food court and is easy for tourists to enter.

Incidentally, the food court is not like those in Japanese shopping malls, but is quite stylish.

I’ll show you how I actually went!

Bartenders make it right in front of you! BAR CENTRALNY KOSZYKI” Menu

A wide selection of alcoholic beverages
Main Menu and Price Range
  • Stylish cocktails around 27 zloty (about 810 yen)

(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of

I asked the waiter if he had a menu list and he said, “I’ll be the menu list!” I don’t know the details except for the cocktail I actually ordered;

Since it is a bar, alcoholic beverages are almost always available.
Tell them what you want to drink and they will make it accordingly.

Ask for the price before you ask. They will kindly tell you.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

The bartender’s brother. He has a nice smile.

This is the first time I come to a bar abroad.
I went with a German friend on this day.

Most interesting was the exchange between my friend and the bartender.

What would you like to drink?
I’d like a cocktail.
What do you like? Mango type, orange type… I can make anything.
I’d like an interesting cocktail.
That tequila sunrise you’re making right now, isn’t it beautiful? Want to try it?
This isn’t cool. Make it more interesting.
Okay. Okay, so what color do you like?
Yes… I want the rainbow!
HaHa, Rainbow! I’ll give it a try.

What is this foreign drama-like conversation ^^;
I can’t imitate…

Here is the resulting cocktail

It was a mango-based cocktail.
If you look closely, you can see a pink powder on the top, which looks like a rainbow.

Still, I think again that people from overseas make their point clearly.
If it had been just me, I would have said, “Well, that’s it…” when they recommended the Tequila Sunrise;

Things to know and do before you go to the store

Hala Koschki in the daytime

By 7pm on Friday, the seats around the bar were full.
After 8:00 p.m., the food court was so crowded that it was difficult to find a seat to sit down.

It is good to come early, especially on Friday and weekend nights.

Some other notes are noted for your information.

The atmosphere is different at night. Security awareness is a must!

Late at night, everyone gets drunk and the number of people increases dramatically. The atmosphere can become one where it is not unusual to encounter crimes such as pickpocketing.

I didn’t find it particularly scary when I was there, but keep in mind that the atmosphere is a bit different from that of Warsaw in the daytime.
Just in case.It is better to be cautious.

The space is rather calm when it is empty, so if you are anxious, you may want to have a lunchtime drink ^^^.

Aim for a seat with a view of the barman!

Not every seat will have cocktails made in front of you.
The middle of the long bar counter seems to be the cocktail-making space.

If it’s available, it’s fun to sit around there and watch the bartenders in action ^^.

When I went, there were no seats available in the bar, so I watched the bartender make the food and waited for it to be ready, then moved to a seat in the food court.

Rice is cosy.

Around the bar is a food court with many stores.
However, the taste is there and the price is high.
I have the impression that the cospa is not very good.

I did not eat at all of the restaurants, so this is just my personal impression.

There are many good restaurants near Hala Koshki, so you can have a meal at a nearby restaurant and then have a drink at the bar!

Toilets are dirty.

We often hear rumors that the toilets in Hala Koschki are dirty.
I have not been there yet because I was afraid to go there because I heard about it first.

Go with your heart or hold out for a hotel!

BAR CENTRALNY KOSZYKI (in Hala Koszki) (Warsaw) directions, basic information

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