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Been to the Warsaw Christmas Market 2018!


You can read this article also in : 日本語 (Japanese)

Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Warsaw Christmas Market 2018
has begun!

Word of mouth and previous reviews were not so good, such as “shabby” and “plain.”
When I actually went there, it was surprisingly good.

In this issue, I will introduce my visit with more photos.
Basic information about the Christmas Market in Warsaw can be found in this article.

I actually went to the Christmas Market 2018 in Warsaw.

The Christmas Market started last Friday, November 23.
I went there immediately on the second day, November 24.

I visited around 7pm. It is dark in Warsaw at this time of the year around 16:00.

As soon as I started walking from the Royal Palace Square along the city walls, I saw the stalls!

First, a candy shop. So colorful and Christmassy!

Minions are cute.

Store for ceramic candleholders and magnets

I don’t use candles, but I want them…

A unique fur store in cold Warsaw

There were also warm gloves and socks.

Christmas ornament shop


There was also a cheese shop and a ham shop.

I asked her if I could take her picture and she gave me a peace. The mischievous lady at the cheese shop ^^.

Along the city walls were mainly stores and few food items.

There were also several stores in the Old Town Square.
These are all food-based.

There were several stores around the mermaid statue.

The only thing they sell anywhere is hot wine and sausages.
But this hot wine is quite good.

Out of focus…hot wine in the paper cup in the foreground.

The warmed wine contained orange and cinnamon-like spices.
It is a festive price of 10 zloty (about 300 yen) per cup, but it is a Christmas market specialty, so you should definitely try it.

It seems to be the Polish way to add vodka liqueur to hot wine.
There were about five different fruit vodka liqueurs.

It will warm you up, but it may be too high…….;
I couldn’t because I’m not a drinker.

In Japan, it is called “hot wine,” but this is Japanese-English.

In English, we call it
Mulled Wine
We call it “Mulled Wine” in English.
The store’s sign also says “Mulled Wine”.

In German, they call it Glühwein.

Thoughts on the Warsaw Christmas Market 2018

Dreary! So-so! I didn’t have any expectations because I had heard
Personally, I enjoyed it surprisingly.

It was quite romantic to walk along the bricks dimly lit by orange lamps.

In terms of Christmas songs, “Silent Night (Kiyooshi Kono Yoru)” seems to fit the atmosphere.
A quiet and peaceful Christmas.

Many stores were still in the process of preparation, and it seemed that only about half of all stores were open that day.
It is more like enjoying the atmosphere rather than shopping at the store.

If you go after December 8, when the Christmas illuminations begin, you may get a more Christmassy experience.
By then, all the stores will be open and you will surely enjoy the lively atmosphere.
Does Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” sound perfect?

The Warsaw Christmas Market 2018 is
The event is being held until January 6 next year
For more basic information, click here ↓↓↓↓.

A small story about Poland: “Kebab” instead of “Ramen”.

There are many kebab shops in Warsaw.

Polish people are
After an evening meal or a few drinks, they have a kebab to finish off the meal.

Kebabs after eating, drinking and dancing…
Kebabs at 3 a.m. …

How can you eat such guts in the middle of the night?

But, well, if you think about it, the shime ramen is also quite rich ^^;

I hear that “shime parfait” has recently become the new standard for shime in Sapporo.
It would be interesting to find out the closing meal of each country ^^.