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6 Best Hotels in Warsaw for Traveling

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland.
Famous for being Chopin’s former home, the city has many attractions & gourmet delights.

In addition to the major tourist attractions, visitors can also enjoy touring places associated with Chopin and shopping for Polish tableware (Boleslawiec tableware), which is gradually becoming popular in Japan.

I have been living in Warsaw for six months.
We have learned a lot about convenient areas for sightseeing and security.
Recently I have been looking for hotels when family and friends come to visit me, so I have become quite familiar with the hotel situation in Warsaw.

I have carefully selected such hotels, mainly 4- to 5-star hotels, with good cost performance and high review ratings.

Prices in Warsaw are considerably lower than in other parts of Europe.
Depending on the time of year, you may even be able to stay at a luxury hotel where you would not normally be able to stay ^^.

Warsaw Hotel Situation

Here’s a brief overview of Warsaw’s security, estimated length of stay, and hotel area!

What are the safest areas in Warsaw?

Warsaw is generally a safe city, so you don’t have to worry too much if you are in an area that tourists go to.
(Although, pickpocketing is common in all areas. ) Also, do not walk alone at night or do anything unprotected.

However, I would not recommend the Praga district on the other side of the Visva River.
It is well known as an area that is not very safe, although this seems to be improving in recent years.

Approximate number of days to stay in Warsaw

If you want to see the main sights in a shorter trip, you can 2 days 1 night If you want to see the main sights in a short time

If you have a particular purpose, such as visiting places related to Chopin or Polish tableware stores. 2 to 3 nights If you have a special purpose, such as visiting places related to Chopin or Polish tableware shops, you may be able to relax.

There are three hotel areas in Warsaw

There are roughly three areas to stay in Warsaw.

  1. Old Town Area
  2. Warsaw Central Station Area
  3. Business District (?) Area

The Old Town area of 1 is truly Warsaw’s main tourist attraction.
There are many restaurants and stores, and the area is always crowded with tourists.

The Warsaw Central Station area in 2 has good access to all directions.
Conveniently located for travel to the airport and other cities in Poland.

The business district area of 3 is home to major foreign hotels such as the Westin Hotel and Hilton Hotel.

The following is a list of recommended hotels in each area.

We will skip the hotels in the business district area of #3 because it is a bit inconvenient when visiting Warsaw for sightseeing.

A bit far from the old town and the central station, but there are markets and restaurants popular with locals Area for “connoisseurs So if you are interested, why don’t you give it a try?

Incidentally, there are many buildings in this area that look like remnants of the communist era, and I personally feel that it is a bit scary for a woman to walk alone after dark. (I have not heard that the area is unsafe, though.)

Recommended Hotels in the Old Town area of Warsaw

This is the main tourist area of Warsaw.
The European style buildings are lined up in a row.
If this is your first time in Warsaw, you can’t go wrong by staying in this area.

Chopin used to live in this area.
Might be fun to spend some time wondering if Chopin ever walked down this road!

There are also benches here and there with Chopin’s music playing.

Recommended Hotel 1 Hotel Bristol

A 5-star hotel with a nice exterior.
It is a classical European building.

The location is also attractive, being within walking distance to both the Old Town Square and the Chopin Museum.

It has a very good reputation on review sites.

  • The level of prestige is as expected.
  • The staff’s attention to detail is top notch.
  • Good breakfast
  • Towels and mineral water are included in the gym.

Many reviewers are satisfied with the very 5-star service, such as

It is ideal for those seeking a classical European atmosphere and 5-star attentive service.
Recommended for honeymoons and special trips.

Look at the cheapest rates on hotel booking sites!

Recommended Hotel 2: Sofitel Warsaw Victoria

A 5-star hotel recommended for those who value cosmopolitanism.
The price is a little cheaper than other 5-star hotels in the Old Town area.

Close to the Philharmonic and the Opera House, making it easy to get around after a day of music.
It is a little further back from the main street in the old town, so it is quieter.

There is a large park (Saski Garden) across the street from the hotel, which is quite pleasant in the summer.
On the other hand, it may be a bit lonely in winter;

It has a good reputation on review sites.

  • Good location
  • Modern and clean

Reviews of the service were divided, but many felt that the service was good value for the price.

Look at the cheapest rates on hotel booking sites!

Recommended Hotel 3 Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Newly renovated 5-star hotel in June 2018.
It is located directly across the street from the Hotel Bristol.

I went to the bar here once and it had a luxurious feel to it.

The pics of the room show the furniture is so pretty!!!
I would like to stay at least once.

A stay at Raffles in Paris costs more than 100,000 yen, but at Raffles in Warsaw, depending on the time of year, you can stay for less than a third of that price.
As one would expect from Warsaw, where prices are low.

The reviews on review sites are also unequivocally positive.
Recommended for honeymoons and special trips.

Look at the cheapest rates on hotel booking sites!

Recommended Hotels in Warsaw Central Station Area

When it comes to accessibility to all directions, this area is the best!

From Warsaw Central Station, there are express trains to Krakow and other regional cities in Poland.
Conveniently located for travel to Warsaw Chopin Airport.

There are many subways, streetcars and buses.
This makes it a convenient area for both sightseeing and shopping, with easy access to Polish tableware stores in the Warsaw suburbs.

However, it is not a tourist attraction, so you may be disappointed if you are imagining a fashionable European view ^^;

From Warsaw’s central station area to the Old Town is a short distance.
In summer, it is not impossible to walk, but public transportation or a cab is usually the way to go.

Compared to the Old Town area, security is a bit of a minus.
There are drunks and vagrants there from time to time.

However, I often walk around this area, including at night, and have not seen or experienced any damage.
If you take basic measures such as avoiding walking alone at night, there is no need to be overly fearful.

Recommended Hotel 1: Hotel Polonia Palace

Conveniently located 4-star hotel.
It has very good access to the Metro, streetcars, and buses, and it is easy to get to the old town and to the outskirts of Warsaw.

Central station is also within walking distance.
Buses from the airport also stop nearby.

According to a friend who had stayed there once, she was very satisfied with the room and breakfast.

The rooms are clean and simple. The exterior is nice and classical.
Wifi is also free.

It has a good reputation on review sites.

  • The building is gorgeous.
  • Rooms are clean.
  • Satisfied with breakfast

Many of the guests were satisfied with the hotel’s services and facilities in addition to its location, such as the following.

To get to the hotel from Warsaw Central Station It is convenient to cross over to the sidewalk on the hotel side at the traffic light in front of the station so that you do not have to go through the underpass. From Warsaw Central Station to the hotel

Similarly, when coming by bus from Warsaw Chopin Airport, it may be easier to get off in front of Warsaw Central Station and come on foot.

There are many exits from the underground passage to the ground level, and a first time visitor will surely get lost…


Recommended Hotel 2 Novotel Warszawa Centrum

A 4-star hotel recommended for cost-conscious travelers.
The location is very convenient as it is across the street from the first recommended hotel, the Polonia Palace.

It stands out well from a distance, so you won’t get lost on the way to the hotel.

It has a good reputation on review sites.

  • Good location
  • It stands out so you won’t get lost.

Reviews were divided about the hotel’s facilities and service, but they seemed generally satisfied.

If you are walking from Warsaw Central Station or Metro Central Station, it may be a little difficult to find an exit because you must always go through an underground passage.

Recommended for those who are looking for an above average location and facilities while keeping the price low.


Recommended Hotel 3: Warsaw Marriott Hotel

A 5-star hotel standing right in front of Warsaw Central Station.
It is a short 5-minute walk to the Metro Centrum station.

The location is also mentioned in the reviews on the word-of-mouth website.

For those who have to travel within Poland, the location right in front of Warsaw Central Station is attractive.
For example, when traveling by train to Krakow early in the morning or late at night.

But otherwise, I think the Polonia Palace or Novotel would be more cost-effective.
Another negative point is that Wifi is charged even though it is a 5 star.



These are just a few of the popular hotels in Warsaw that we have selected for their convenience and cost-effectiveness for sightseeing.
Please refer to the trip ^^.

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