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Munja, the only Adriatic restaurant in Warsaw

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

We went to MUNYA, the only Adriatic restaurant in Warsaw.
Every time I passed by the restaurant, I could smell the delicious aroma of the charcoal fire, and I had always been curious about it!
(Adriatic cuisine is the cuisine of Croatia and other Balkan countries.)

A hearty hamburger steak grilled over charcoal…
Shrimp and mussels in a tomato sauce with broth…
Melting sweets …

Seeing the restaurant bustling with customers, I had high hopes that it would be absolutely delicious, and there was no doubt!
It is a little far from the tourist area, but if you have a chance, please do not hesitate to visit.

You might be thinking, “I came all the way to Poland to have Adriatic food…” Well, let’s not be too formal about it. But, let’s not be too formal about it, since we share the same Eastern European cuisine.

Munja’s menu!

Main Menu and Price Range
Salads 22-43 zloty (about 660-1,290 yen)
Soup 20 zloty (about 600 yen)
Pasta 30-48 zloty (about 900-2,880 yen)
Appetizers 36-67 zloty (about 1,080-2,010 yen)
Grilled meat 38 – zloty (about 1,140 – yen)
Grilled fish 38 – zloty (about 1,140 – yen)
Sweets 18-26 zloty (about 540-780 yen)

You can see the detailed menu on the official website.

The main meat and fish dishes are all very hearty, so be careful not to ask for too much.
We went with two people and one main and one appetizer was plenty. Quite full! But dessert was another meal ^^.

A rough estimate would be about 2,000 to 3,000 yen per person, including drinks and dessert.

What you think of the restaurant and what you ordered

Counter seating is a fun way to see the chefs in action.
When I went there without a reservation, I was told that the counter was available, and I was shown to a seat right in front of the chef.

The staff is very friendly and speaks fluent English.
I like the way it feels ^^.

Tomato sauce with shrimp and mussels JADRAN SHRIMPS 6 pcs (40 zloty)

The shrimp were firm and plump!
This was delicious!

I can’t stop eating the bread dipped in the tomato sauce soaked in shrimp and mussel broth…
It has a delicate flavor not found in Polish cuisine ^^;

Adriatic hamburger GURMAN PLJESKAVICA (46 zloty)

According to the menu description, total weight 700 grams!
It is a specialty of the Adriatic coast region.

I’m amazed at the volume!
A whopping 300 grams of meat is used.

Not only the volume of meat, but also potatoes, salad, and even bread under the meat.

The hamburger steak tastes a little too salty.
But when combined with the accompanying sauce and onions, it was just right.

It is very different from Japanese hamburgers, but this kind of meaty hamburger is also possible.

The salad was very refreshing and tasty.

White chocolate cheesecake DJUROVIĆ DELIGHT (24 Zloty)

It was neither cream nor sponge, but soft and melted in between ^^.
It was so good!

It was a little sweet but not kudos.
I have a sweet tooth, but I hate anything too sweet!It was the perfect taste for my selfishness.

KOLAC (25 zloty) with vanilla ice cream

It is also good to enjoy the hot sugar cane sauce and cold vanilla ice cream together.
A nutmeg and fig sponge cake topped with vanilla ice cream and a sauce made from warmed sugar cane.

Sugar cane sauce, tastes like candy cane fudge.
It tasted somewhat nostalgic ^^.

Atmosphere of the store

The restaurant was nearly full and lively.

The restaurant also offers several platters for large groups.
They look amazing and are sure to be a hit at large parties!

The chef was making an assortment of appetizers. There’s a prosciutto ham dangling from it!
There are many seats, so two people may be able to sit without a reservation.
It is better to make a reservation if possible.

How to get to “Munja” (Warsaw), basic information

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