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Wieliczka Rock Salt Tour] How to book a tour for people in wheelchairs, people with disabilities, and people with limps & experiences

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Continuing from the previous issue, I would like to talk about the Wieliczka Salt Anti-Salt.

This time I was not on a regular tour, but on a
I have participated in a tour for people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities.

My mother had difficulty participating in the regular tours because of her bad legs.

The regular tour of the Wieliczka Salt Pit requires descending about 800 steps.
Apart from that, there are special tours for people in wheelchairs and those who cannot descend stairs.

My mother is not so much disabled, but she has bad legs and can only go down the stairs slowly.

I had heard from a friend that “the stairs at the Wieliczka Salt Pit are narrow and the flow of people never stops, so it is difficult to go down them slowly at your own pace.
I had heard this from a friend, so I took the plunge and joined the tour for wheelchair users.
Turns out, this was a great decision!

In this article.
This article describes how to book a tour for people in wheelchairs and with disabilities at the Wieliczka Saltworks and what it was like to actually participate.

I hope this will be useful to someone ^^.

By the way.
The Wieliczka Saltworks is not open for private tours.
The Wieliczka Salt Tunnel is not open for private tours.
You must always take a guided tour.
Guide fee is included in the ticket price.

Wieliczka Saltworks] How to participate in tours for wheelchair users, people with disabilities, and people with limited mobility.

Wieliczka Salt Anti-Staircase
The normal route takes you down a series of stairs. These are the wider stairs.
They say that an even narrower wooden staircase than this one leads to the first 380 steps.
First, let’s itemize the details of the tour for people in wheelchairs.
  • Two tours in English from 9:00am and 5:00pm (Polish tours from 9:00am and 12:45pm).
    Daily tours
    (Polish tours at 9:00am and 12:45pm)
  • Tour time is approximately 2 hours
  • Price is the same as regular tour (89 zloty/person, 94 zloty/person during peak season)
  • After making a reservation by e-mail or phone, purchase tickets on site on the day of the event.
  • It is possible to rent a wheelchair at the site, but the number of wheelchairs is limited and early reservations are required.
  • No stairs of any kind. Some routes are shortcut (details to follow).
This information was provided by the Information Center of the Wieliczka Saltworks in April 2019.

Tour times and other details are subject to change.
Please check with the reservation desk or information center for the latest information!

How to make a reservation by e-mail

Here is how I actually made the reservation.
But I just sent an email….

The following information should be written at the time of reservation

  • Name of reservation (only the representative is acceptable)
  • Phone number of reservation representative
  • Date and time you would like to make a reservation
  • the number of people
  • Number of those with disabilities (limitation of movement)
  • Wheelchair or no wheelchair

Here is the actual text of the email I sent ↓.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I would like to book a tour for persons with limited mobility at 17 o’clock on 26th/April
We are 3 persons and prefer English speaker group.

One of us has a problem with her leg.
She doesn’t need wheelchair and can walk flat road by her own.

My name is xxx.
My mobile phone number is xxxx.

Your kind reply would be appreciated.

Best regards,

I sent an email and to my surprise, I received a reply in about 10 minutes.

Good morning,
I confirm reservation for 3 person (26/04 at 17:00 tour for disabled people).
You will pay on the spot. Please be 15 minutes before your Visit.

This completes the reservation.

On the day of reservation: purchase tickets → go to the meeting place

Wieliczka Salt Anti-Elevator
Underground elevator platform. The elevator is narrow.
On the day of the tour, the email said to come 15 minutes before the tour started, so I arrived at the Wieliczka Salt Pit with plenty of time to spare.
But the bus got stuck in traffic and arrived at 16:50, 10 minutes before the tour started.

When you arrive, you must first purchase a ticket.

The place to purchase tickets is the same ticket counter for foreign tourists as for regular tours.
The ticket counter for foreign visitors is located outside the main building, on the right side as you face it.
The building is marked “Indivisual Tourists / Foreign language tickets”.

We arrived just in time. We got in line to buy tickets.

However, at the ticket booth, the people in front of me were arguing about something, and the line was not going very fast.
I asked the lady at the group counter next to me, who seemed to be bored, “Can I buy a ticket here? But she said she couldn’t, so I waited and waited….

I ended up being able to buy tickets just as the tour was about to start.
I booked a tour for disabled person. I’m… (I have booked a tour for disabled person. My name is ….”. He checked the reservation list and printed out a separate ticket from the general tour.

I ran with my mother, who has a limp, to the meeting place.
I wonder… ^^;

The meeting place seemed to be near the front of the building, but by the time we arrived, no one seemed to be there as they had already departed.

I showed my ticket to a lady nearby and she let me through and I managed to join the tour.

It is safer to arrive as early as possible, especially during the summer months, as there is said to be a line.

Photography is available for a fee.
If you want to take pictures, don’t forget to buy a photo ticket (10 zloty) when you buy your ticket.

A tour for people in wheelchairs, people with disabilities, and people with limps

Inside the Wieliczka Saltworks
At first, there is a gentle uphill slope. (Photo taken from the top of the hill)
I will write about the tour from here.

Participants were like this ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓.

  • Grandmother in wheelchair and her family (2 children & 4 grandchildren)
  • Grandma with a cane and her family (husband & daughter)
  • elderly couple
  • we

I had expected to see many people in wheelchairs or with limps, but instead the majority were their families.
I didn’t expect to see so many healthy teenage grandkids!

Until I participated, my mother was

I have a bad leg, but not so much that I’m disabled.
Am I allowed to join this tour?
I was concerned, but it seemed to be a needless worry.

As we were informed in advance, there are no stairs at all.
However, the
At first, it was a gradual uphill all the way, which seemed a bit difficult for the old lady with the cane.

The tour takes about two hours.

There were three 5-minute breaks & free time along the way.
Other than that, even I was a little tired because it was basically walking all the time.
If 800 stairs had been added to this, it would have been very tough for my mother.

About the tour courses for wheelchair users

Wieliczka Salt Anti-Elevator
Elevator used when going down to the deeper level. This one is quite spacious.
Tours for people in wheelchairs shortcut some of the regular tour routes.

The general flow of a typical tour is as follows

Continue down the stairs. Visit the exhibition in the middle of the stairs
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
St. Kinga’s Cathedral
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
To the underground lake while looking at the exhibits
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
Visit the rest of the exhibit while descending further stairs.
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
End of tour, museum visit with guide if desired
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
Elevator to ground level

On routes for people with disabilities, elevators normally used for going up are also used for going down.
Therefore, we could not see the exhibits on the way down the stairs.

Also, there was no
I was told that usually after the tour, visitors can see the museum only if they want to, but that was not the case.

Other than that, they are almost the same.
I have never been on a regular tour, so this is just a guess based on my experiences on the internet.

It’s partially cut short, but we got a good look at the most famous St. Kinga’s Cathedral and the Underground Lakes, so my mom and I were both very happy!
The pace was not too fast, and the guide was very attentive, so I felt safe ^^.

If you are about to abandon the Wieliczka Salt Pit because you cannot descend the stairs, why not consider this tour?