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Zakłady in Warsaw : Polish Pottery Shop Review

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Polish tableware is slowly gaining popularity among women in Japan. Polish Tableware (Polish Pottery) Polish tableware is slowly gaining popularity among women in Japan.

Some people may visit Poland to buy Polish tableware.

In this issue. We would like to introduce you to Galeria Bolesławiec & Studio Ceramiki, a store specializing in Polish tableware, located a 5-minute walk from Warsaw’s Central Station!

Galeria Bolesławiec & Studio Ceramiki, a store specializing in Polish tableware

This store stocks products from Zakłady Ceramiczne “BOLESŁAWIEC”, a long-established manufacturer of Polish tableware.

The store was spacious and roomy, with a good selection of goods.

It is also conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Warsaw Central Station.

From the next chapter, we will show you the Polish tableware we found in this store with many photos.

Location & Hours of Operation

address (e.g. of house)al. Jerozolimskie 49, 00-696 Warszawa
Business HoursClosed on Sunday
Monday-Saturday 12:00~20:00

Introduction to Polish Tableware! Traditional Patterns

Typical pattern, peacock eye

The Polish Tableware!
Let us first introduce a series of traditional patterns found in this store.

The traditional pattern is very simple. Many manufacturers make this traditional pattern.

I think it’s too simple for me, but I hear that if you are a connoisseur of Polish tableware, the simplicity of it is conversely profound ^^.

Traditional patterns are less expensive than other designs.

Long dish, 23 zloty
Chopstick rest 10 zurochi

The “Peacock Eye ” pattern is representative of Polish tableware.

It is called so because it looks like an eyelet pattern of peacock feathers. It is a pattern that seems to go well with Japanese cuisine.

mosquito print

This is another typical “Mosquito” pattern.

This is the common name given to the green pattern that looks like a “mosquito.

Heart-shaped bowl 35 zloty
Chokkori Mag 36 Zurochi

And there were plenty of other traditional patterns, or arrangements of traditional patterns!

Mug 30 Zloty
Heart-shaped bowl, small 35 zloty, large 60 zloty
Mug 28 Zloty
Mug 33 zurochi, Pottery Mug 36 zurochi
Plate 29 Zloty
Butter Tray 53 Zloty
Teacup style cup 21 zloty Pottery mug 36 zloty Mug cup 30 zloty
Salad Bowl 48 Zloty
Mag. large 33 zloty
Salt & pepper container 54 zloty
Mug 37 Zloty
Chokkori Mag 46 zurochi
Donburi style bowl, medium 50 zloty, large 58 zloty
Cup & Saucer 49 zloty
Butter Tray 53 Zloty

On the next page we’ll show you some gorgeous, uniquely patterned Polish tableware!