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Best Items of Poland Cosmetics Brand “Ziaja”

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What is “Ziaja”, Polish natural cosmetics?

Ziaja is a Polish natural cosmetics brand. The brand offers a wide range of products including skin care products, hair care products, and toothpaste.

It is made with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, orange butter, and goat’s milk, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. Plus, it’s organic cosmetics at a petite price!

You may have an image that foreign cosmetics have a strong fragrance, but Ziaja has many gentle scents that are easy to use ^^.

Recommendations! Ziaja items I usually use

I am also a regular user of several Ziaja products.

I have had atopic skin since I was a little girl and my skin is quite weak…but I can still use the following two without any problem!

Goat Milk Series

A skincare series using goat milk. It seems to suit Asian skin types, and is often bought by Japanese and Koreans.

I use these three. From right to left in the photo.

  • Body soap 500ml 8.3 zloty (about 230 yen)
  • Cleansing milk 200ml 8.9 zloty (about 250 yen)
  • Body cream 400ml 11.9 zloty (about 330 yen)

The body cream is quite moist and great for dry skin. It can be used year-round in Europe, but may be sticky in Japan’s humid summers.

Cleansing milk can also be used as a facial cleanser.

Hand cream for atopic skin

I recently started using and liking a hand cream for atopic skin.

I am prone to hand eczema and have not been able to find a hand cream that fits my constitution, but this hand cream has been pretty good so far.

It is easy to use as it is light and fragrance-free. 16 zloty (about 450 yen) for 100 ml.

Popular souvenir hand cream from Ziaja!

Ziaja’s hand cream is so inexpensive that many people buy it as a random souvenir. The price is 5 zloty (about 140 yen) for 100 ml!

I used to use this hand cream. Personally, the feeling was not bad but not particularly good… ^^^;

I felt that I could not use it when I had hand eczema, so I would recommend the hand cream for atopic skin mentioned earlier if you have sensitive skin.

I liked the scent because it had a luxurious feel to it.

Where Ziaja products are sold

Ziaja products can be bought in large Polish supermarkets and drugstores. But it may be difficult to choose one because the product packaging is in Polish.

I recommend the Ziaja specialty store. They have a wide selection of products, and it is easy to buy because you can consult with the staff in English.

I have atopic skin and have recently developed eczema on my hands. If you simply tell them your skin type and concerns, they will suggest the best products for you.

Directions to Ziaja specialty stores in Warsaw

The Ziaja specialty store in Warsaw is located directly at the central train station, making it easy to stop by.

It’s a little hard to find since it’s located underground, but please take a look at the description below and give it a try!

(one’s) whereabouts

First of all, please come to the shopping mall “Złote Tarasy”. It is located right next to Warsaw Central Station, across from the Palace of Culture and Science.

(2) In front of Złote Tarasy you will see a Hard Rock Cafe guitar. Go straight ahead with the guitar on your right and enter Złote Tarasy.

When you enter Złote Tarasy, you will see an escalator on your left. Go down to the B1 floor.

Incidentally, the 1st floor in Japan corresponds to the 0th floor in Poland.

(4) After getting off the escalator, go straight. Go up the stairs and take the exit.

When you exit from Exit 5, you will see a store called “Secret Soap” on your left. Turn left at the “Secret Soap” shop on your left hand side.

Arrive at ⑥Ziaja!

I’ll also put up a map of the store ↓↓↓.

There are many other ways to get there, but I think this way is the easiest to understand.

It can also be reached from the platform side of Warsaw Central Station. Please refer to the map inside the station.

Ziaja products, only “Intima” is available in Japan.

In fact, you can buy Polish brand Ziaja products in Japan!

But only “Intima” soap for the delicate zone is sold in Japan.

It is a mystery why Intima is the only product that seems to sell well when other products would also sell well…

Ziaja isn’t the only Polish cosmetic!

Ziaja is not the only natural cosmetics brand in Poland! There is also an organic brand called “Yope.

Yope’s packaging is just adorable! They not only offer skin care products, but also cleaning detergents and dishwashing detergents.

The hand cream comes in a box and looks luxurious, so it will make a great souvenir ^^.
The fragrance is stronger than that of Ziaja and is more like foreign organic cosmetics.

The regular price is 30 zloty (about 840 yen) for 100 ml, but they often have sales and the sale price is 20 zloty (about 560 yen).

You can buy it at SuperPharm drugstore, or on the 0th floor of Złote Tarasy.

Polish cosmetics, is it going to be a trend…?

Polish organic cosmetics seem to be popular among Korean girls, and Korean people often come to Ziaja specialty store to buy them.

Maybe it’s about to catch on in Japan!

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