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I went to “Noriko Sushi” in Wroclaw, Poland

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I recently visited an authentic sushi restaurant in Wroclaw!The restaurant has only eight seats at the counter, and the chef prepares sushi right in front of you.

Salmon roe, scallops, medium fatty tuna, truffle tuna…

I thought to myself, “Is this Ginza Kyubei?” (I’ve never been there, but ^^;), the sushi was so authentic and gorgeous!

It is sure to be enjoyed by both overseas residents and visitors from Japan.

Sushi Omakase Course! Noriko Sushi Menu & Budget

Main Menu and Prices
  • Omakase course 300 zloty (about 9,000 yen)

We recommend the omakase course.

The price of 300 zloty per person is extremely expensive considering Polish prices, but it was worth it.

The omakase course includes a dozen pieces of sushi and several small dishes such as simmered and fried dishes.

There were other dishes on the menu on the website, but when I went there, everyone ordered omakase.

Water and tea are free for refills. They also had a large selection of sake and ume (plum) wine, both of which are rare in Poland!

There is no set service charge. We paid about 10%.

Sushi in Poland is not to be underestimated!

The Polish chefs used ingredients from Japan and around the world, sometimes with a European twist.

Polish sushi, you can’t underestimate it.
That was the one word.

Here are a few of the many sushi & dishes I ate.

The scallops, which were purchased from Hokkaido, were exquisite.

I had salmon roe for the first time in a long time. They were very good too!

Shime mackerel with caviar.

Tuna, medium fatty tuna, aged tuna with truffle. Toro Zammai! This was my first time to try aged tuna, but it was surprisingly good.

In between sushi, they also served small dishes such as simmered and fried dishes.

I was surprised when they came out with furofuki daikon, saying, “Furofuki daikon, desu” (laughs).

The appetizers were homemade gari and sea grapes. Wasabi was grated on the spot.

Anyway, everything was delicious and I was very satisfied ^^.


My hunger for Japanese seafood may be somewhat overestimated.

But! Even with that, the authentic Japanese taste was at a level that would satisfy both overseas residents and visitors from Japan ^^.


The serving of food starts at once. Then the food is served slowly over the next 2~3 hours while enjoying conversation.

All the waiters are very friendly ^^.

He is extremely knowledgeable about sake, and when you tell him what you want, he will recommend what he recommends.

He said, “I recently stocked up on some of our special plum wine!” he said, and he also gave me a free plum wine to drink to let me know what he thought of it.
It was also delicious! I usually don’t like plum wine.

Perhaps it was because we were Japanese, but they were very concerned about our impressions and asked us, “How is it? Is it good? He asked us quite a few questions;

When I finally told him, “It was perfect!” to which Itamae-san humbly replied, “It’s far from perfect.

What to expect when you go to Noriko Sushi

Reservations required. It is. Omakase courses start at the same time, so there may be certain times that can be reserved.

Reservations can be made through the official website.

The waitress spoke a little Japanese, but the conversation was basically in English.
Since it is a counter, you will inevitably be talked to a lot, and it may be a little difficult if you cannot speak English at all.

Basic Information

address (e.g. of house)plac Wolności 7, 50-071 Wrocław
Business HoursClosed on Sunday & Monday
Tuesday ~ Friday 12:00~22:00
Saturday 16:00~22:00
Official HP
English MenuNo menu list
Nearby Tourist AttractionsWroclaw Old Town Square (10-minute walk)

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