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“e-manufaktura” in Warsaw – Polish Pottery Shop Review –

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In this issue, we introduce e-manufaktura, a Polish tableware store located just outside of Warsaw’s Old Town.

2 minutes walk from the Old Town of Warsaw.The location makes it easy to stop by on the way to sightseeing.

In addition, we are the only Polish tableware store in Warsaw that specializes in Polish tableware. Open on Sundays Polish Tableware in Warsaw, and is also the only shop specializing in Polish tableware in Warsaw.

e-manufaktura” just outside of Warsaw’s Old Town

At e-manufaktura, located right in Warsaw’s Old Town, you will find We mainly deal with Zakłady products.

Furthermore. There are also products from a workshop called Ceramika Galia. It’s a rare manufacturer that I haven’t seen in other Polish tableware stores in Warsaw.

The store is not that big, but we have a lot of designs, so you are sure to find something you like ^^.

The nice thing about this place is they’re open on Sundays!

This is unusual in Poland, where stores are generally closed on Sundays…. They were open on all Sundays except for working Sundays.

It is also located in the middle of a tourist area. Prices are higher than other restaurants.

Directions & Hours of Operation

address (e.g. of house)Freta 14, 00-227 Warszawa
Business HoursMonday~Sunday 10:00~18:00
Official Web Site

Products from Zakłady, a long-established Polish tableware company

Polish Independence Centennial Design

A wide range of products from Zakłady, a long-established Polish tableware company, were available.

The photo above is a limited edition design commemorating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. It was very cute, but the price was expensive at 60 zloty (about 1,700 yen) per plate.

There were a few designs that I had not seen before. This is a chic chicken pattern.

This one has an austere design like an ink painting.

Of course, there were also many standard patterns.

Ornaments and accessories are also available.

There were also many ornaments and knick-knacks.
There were more cute ornaments like elephants and snowmen than other stores that you would want to have ^^.

22 złoty (Polish currency)

I was interested in this guy. He has an indescribably good expression ^^.

chopstick rest 20 zurochi

There were also many chopstick rests. But they were a bit pricey.

If you have the time, you can buy it several percent cheaper at Zakłady’s company-owned store.

Click here to read about Zakłady’s company-owned store in Warsaw.

Unusual Ceramika Galia products

The store also had a rare workshop called Ceramika Galia.

More Japanese designs than Zakłady’s, a must-see!

Mag 48 Zloty

This floral pattern is colorful but not too flashy.

There was also a lovely heart-inspired pattern.

Mag 45 Zloty

It’s too subtle to have a complete set, but it might be nice to have just one item to add a touch of glamour ^^.

There were several other designs as well.

Also affiliated with Warsaw Central Station

It seemed to be affiliated with the Polish tableware store “Galeria Bolesławiec & Studio Ceramiki” near Warsaw Central Station, and the prices were the same.

The store near Warsaw Central Station may have a better selection. However, the designs of the items available are slightly different, so you can enjoy visiting both shops.
Ceramika Galia products were only available in the Old Town.

For more information about Galeria Bolesławiec & Studio Ceramiki, please click here.
(Prices for standard patterns are also shown)