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Anko in Warsaw : Polish Pottery Shop Review

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

This time, we feature Anko, a Polish tableware store in Warsaw! This is a store that is frequented by Japanese customers and has been introduced on this blog before.

I felt again that this store is the cutest in Warsaw! I felt again that this shop is the cutest in Warsaw!

Polish tableware and ceramics specialty store “Anko” at Warsaw

Anko is a store specializing in Ceramika Artystyczna, a popular manufacturer of Polish tableware.

I’ve been to a number of Polish tableware stores in Warsaw recently, and Anko was the best.

The inside of the store is just so… cute! No wonder it is the go-to place for Japanese customers.

It’s a bit far from the tourist area, but if you like Polish tableware, you should definitely go there ^^.

Location & Hours of Operation

address (e.g. of house)Antoniego Malczewskiego 46A, 02-622 Warszawa, Poland
Business HoursClosed on Sunday
Monday-Friday 10:00~19:00
Saturday 10:00~14:00
It is a 5-minute walk from Metro Wierzbno station.

Polish Tableware for Beginners Small Articles


I’m interested in Polish tableware, but I don’t know where to start…

If so, why not start with reasonably priced and sized accessories?

Anko had all sorts of knick-knacks that were just too cute!

In addition to the ones placed next to the cash register, if you request a particular shape or pattern from the clerk, he or she will bring it out from the back of the store.

The one with a lapped edge is 19.50 zloty, and the simple one is 15.50 zloty.

Small plates from Ceramica’s popular Princess series. Cute…

Small dish 39 zloty

A small dish from the frog series that has recently started to appear. This one is also cute…

The price is high because the design is called “unicut,” which can only be made by selected designers.

Tea bag tray 15 zloty
Small apple dish, 34.50 zloty Small heart dish, 14.50 zloty
Squeezer 29.50 zloty

Popular among the Japanese! Chopstick rests on Polish tableware


Japanese people often buy chopstick rests!

Anna, the manager, told me so. We have a wide variety ^^.

Chopstick rest of a small bird 13.50 zloty

I also bought two small birds.

Flower chopstick rest 11 zurochi
Simple chopstick rest 11 zurochi

It is not bulky and reasonably priced, so it would make a good souvenir.

Popular ♪ Christmas tree in an apple pot

Japanese people who visit Anko and love Polish tableware often buy apple pots and Christmas trees.

Apple pot 49.50 zloty
Unikat’s apple pot 120 zloty~.
Christmas tree, small 65 zloty, large 75 zloty

The Christmas tree can also be used as a candle holder.

In addition to the tree, there were a variety of ornaments.

Church-style candleholder 65 zloty
House style candle holder 81.50 zloty
Milk pitcher 62.50 zloty

What caught my attention was the bovine milk pitcher!

It is a very surreal product that allows you to pour milk into a cup from the half-open mouth of a cow with its tummy part (lol).

Royalty of Polish Tableware Mugs & Cups

Quite a few Anko mugs & cups!

I took a picture of the lineup.

Cup & Saucer Large 67.50 Medium 42.50
Cup & Saucer small 42.50
Coffee cup 31.50 zloty
Chokkori mug, small 27.50 zloty
Chokkuri mug, medium 37.50 zloty
Chokkori mug, large 45.50 zloty

These are just a few of the mugs and cups in the store! There are so many that it’s hard to find the right one.

Even if the design you are looking for is not available in the storeroom, you may find it in the back of the store when you ask the clerk.

Teacup 24.50 zloty Vertical cup 27.50 zloty

There were cups that looked completely like teacups and others that looked like they could be used to drink beer.

There’s more! Unicut Mugs & Cups

At the back of the store is a corner with delicately designed products called “unicuts.

They had mugs & cups there too!

Cup & Saucer 105 Zloty~.
Prince and princess chubby mug 95 zurochi

Easy-to-use No.1 tableware, small bowls & bowls

A wide selection of easy-to-use small bowls and bowls are also available.

Small bowl 29.50 zloty
NAMIAMI small bowl 28.50 zloty

Simple small bowls are nice, but I prefer the ones with a lopsided rim.

Many more ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓.
I got the impression that Namami had more subdued designs.

They even had a small bowl of sea urchin cuttings! The design is very elaborate.

The design with small white dots on a blue background is often bought by Japanese people. It seems to go well with Japanese food, doesn’t it?

The design looks simple at first glance, but the craftsmanship of pressing the extremely small stamps one by one in a well-balanced manner shines through.

Bowl medium 42.50 zloty

It could also be used for bowls of rice or bowls for boys who are in the mood to eat.

Bowl large 49.50 zloty

This deep bowl is also good for ramen bowls.

Plates & Gratin Dishes with a lot of character

And last but not least, we have the plate and the gratin dish!

There were many things that could be used for many purposes other than their original purpose ^^.
Such enjoyment of Polish tableware is one of the best parts of Polish tableware.

Oval plate (sea urchin cut) 55 zloty~.
Square dish, 21 zurochi
Gratin dish, small 57.50 zloty
Gratin dish medium 64.50 zloty
Olive Dish 34.50 zloty
Fish-shaped plate 87.50 zloty

How to get to the store

The restaurant is so small that it is packed when 4~5 people enter.

I would like to add that the location of the restaurant is a bit confusing.

A five-minute walk from the “Wierzbno” metro station will take you to this street.

Proceed in the direction of the red arrow and you will see a narrow passageway.

The store at the end of the aisle is Anko.

Anna, the manager, is very friendly and nice! She also speaks fluent English.

If you tell them you are taking it home on the plane, they will wrap it in plastic wrap.

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