Best VPN to watch Netflix in any regions

Bes VPN I’ve used for 5 years to watch Netflix as my Home-Country Version

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Hello! I’m Harii from Japan. I live in Germany.

VPN is a must-have for expats to watch your home-country’s Netflix and Hulu from abroad! There are all sorts of things that are considered must-haves for expats, but I think VPN is the most essential!

Does VPN look difficult to use? Don’t worry, not at all!! It is so easy, and you can start just in 10 minutes!

Your home-country’s version of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming-services can be watched from overseas…! It’s like being in your country.

You can find in this article…
  • What is VPN?
  • 3 Reasons why you should use VPN
  • The Reason I recommend you “Nord VPN”
  • How to register & use Nord VPN
  • How to connect VPN with your TV
  • How VPN works

30-day money-back guarantee

↑Here is the VPN service I use↑

What is “VPN”?

Let’s start with a quick explanation of what VPN is!

When you access your home-country’s streaming service from overseas, you will be blocked like this.

Tver without VPN

I can’t see the Japanese streaming service from Germany. BUT, if you access it via VPN…

Image of the state connected to tver by vpn

I can see the Japanese streaming service from Germany!! VPN allows you to view your home-country’s streaming services from overseas.

Depending on the VPN you use, streaming services you can watch will vary. Details will be explained later.

3 Reasons why you should use VPN

VPN is a necessary service for my life in Germany.

The Reasons VPN is necessary for me
  1. I can have “Peace of Mind” in watching Japanese TV
  2. My mother-tangue subtitles available
  3. Low-Cost

Living abroad is sometime very tough. I often have to manage the anxiety and stress. At that time, watching mother-tongue TV programs brings me good mental influence, “Peace of Mind”.

In addition, when you watch Netflix or Hulu via VPN, the quantity of films with your mother-tongue subtitles is much increasing. It’s very convenient.

There are other ways to watch your home-country’s dramas or films from abroad. But VPN is much easier and relatively reasonable than others, I think!

Why you should use Nord VPN

There are a number of companies offering VPN. Among them, I use Nord VPN.

Reasons I chose Nord VPN
  • Netflix and Hulu work via VPN(as of July 2023).
  • Reasonable cost with long-term discounts
  • Good Support
  • Good Security
  • Many Reviews on the Internet

Let’s take a closer look at each of them from next chapter!

30-day money-back guarantee

Which Streaming Services works via Nord VPN?

Here is a list of streaming services that I’m able to watch from Germany via Nord VPN. It means I can watch it as my home-country version, Japanese version.

Watchable streaming services via VPN as of July/2023
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Abema
  • GYAO

I haven’t tried all streaming services, so there may be more. Please note I tried only Japanese version.

Among a number of VPN services, I think Nord VPN is relatively capable to access streaming services. I also considered Express VPN, which is in the Internet often recommended together with Nord VPN. However, it seemed that the number of streaming services working via Express VPN was smaller than Nord VPN. That’s why I chose Nord VPN.

I don’t know about Amazon Prime TV because I don’t have a subscription….

Reasonable Cost with Long-term Discounts

Nord VPN is also reasonably priced. The longer you sign up, the more you save, so this is ideal if you plan to live abroad for several years!

For more information about Nord VPN prices, please visit the official website. Official site “Nord VPN”

Good Support and Security

When you use Netflix via VPN, sometime you are suddenly not be able to watch it. This is because they change their regulations or systems and access via VPN is blocked.

I had such a problem with Japanese streaming service before. Fortunately, Nord VPN has 24 hour support! They offered me good support and managed it right away!

I wrote the story in below article.

In addition, Nord VPN have a good security because of its “no-log policy (*)”.

*No-log policy…they do not store records (logs) such as users’ browsing history and IP addresses. If records are not saved, they will not be leaked, thus protecting privacy.

As you may know, there are some free VPN on the Internet. Some free VPN have questionable security, such as obtaining users’ data and logs. You should check if your VPN is safe, especially if you use a free VPN. I did not choose a free VPN because I was concerned about security.

Only 5 Mins! How to register Nord VPN

The registration process is very easy! It take only about 5 minutes.

Below images are as of July 2023. They may differ from the latest screens.

(1) Access Nord VPN’s official website

Language Selection

Select from the language selection at the bottom.

language selection on nord vpn

(2) Click on “Get NordVPN”

nord vpn website image

(3) Select a plan

nord vpn plan selsction

If you need The NordPass as a password management, you choose “Plus”. If you need also NordLocker as a cloud storage, you choose “Complete”. Otherwise, you choose “Standard”.

Which Plan should you choose?

If you are likely to be abroad for a couple of years, you should choose 2-year plan because you can get a big discount!

Are you uncertain about whether or not you like VPN? Don’t worry! Nord VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

(4) Enter your e-mail address, payment method, and tax country.

nord vpn application1
nord vpn application2

(5) Process the payment using the payment method selected in (4).

After payment is completed, you will get an e-mail.

(6) Click on the link in the email you received.

Email from Nord VPN

(7) Set the Password

Registration is complete!

Next, l explain you how to connect your device to the VPN!

How to connect your device to Nord VPN

Connecting to Nord VPN is even easier!

You can see each explanation as below, PC and Smartphone

(1) Download Nord VPN software ( )

You can also download it on the screen after completing registration.

(2) Sign in and enter your home-country in the search field in the upper left corner.

nord vpn connection PC

Wait a few seconds, and connection is completed!

(3) From the second time onward, simply click a country flag you previously connected.

(4) Click “Power Icon” when you want to disconnect from the VPN

(1) Download the Nord VPN app

Google Play / Apple Store

(2) Click on “I already have an accountand Log in

Nord VPN smartphone app login

(3) When you log in, you will see a screen like the map.

Screen after login

(4) Scroll down and click “Search

Nord VPN Smartphone App VPN Selection

(5) Enter your home-country and select from a list. For example. enter “Japan” and click “Japan” in the list.

Japan VPN Search

(6) Your device was connected successfully!

VPN connection completed

(7) From the second time onward, only select and click from “Recent Connections”.

VPN Country Selection

(7) Click “Disconnect” when you disconnect from the VPN

How to connect your TV with VPN


There are several ways to watch streaming services via VPN on your TV. My recommended way is to use an Amazon Fire TV Stick!

You can easily connect your TV with Nord VPN easily, and streaming service Apps like Netflix are convenient to use. For more details, please refer to below article.

A Brief Explanation of How VPN works

Why can I watch my home-country’s streaming service from Germany just by using a VPN?

This is because a VPN can make it look like you are accessing from your home-country.

Companies that provide VPNs have many servers around the world.

nord vpn provides in 60 countries 5755 servers

For example, from the many servers of VPN company, you choose and connect a server in Japan. Then, you will be able to access websites with a Japanese IP address. IP address is like an address on the Internet.

how VPN works

Japanese Netflix doesn’t block me because I’m accessing from a Japanese address!

You can be like being your home country!

Since I started using VPN, I’ve enjoyed my life in Germany more than before.

I can watch hot Japanese dramas and comedy shows, and share comments each other with my friends and family in Japan!! It’s like being in Japan!

If I’d known how easy it was to use VPN, I’d have been using it since the very beginning of my abroad life.

Before you regret like me, why not give it a try?

30-day money-back guarantee.

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