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Chopin visited here! “Honolatka” in Warsaw

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

The other day I visited Honoratka in Warsaw. It is a Polish restaurant famous for the fact that Chopin used to go there.

I thought it was a restaurant for tourists, but surprisingly the food was quite good!

Honolatka is the restaurant where Chopin went.

There was a portrait of Chopin in the store. For some reason, he is a little bit physiognomical ^^;

Honoratka is the only existing restaurant in Warsaw where Chopin attended. For this reason, it is popular among tourists visiting Warsaw and Chopin fans.

Honoratka was a café when Chopin attended, but it is now a restaurant serving traditional Polish cuisine.

Honolatka Menu and Budget

You can also drink the famous Polish vodka “Chopin”.

Honolatka’s menu features mostly traditional Polish dishes. We also recommend the Chopin menu, which is the specialty of this place.

Main Menu and Budget

Honolatka’s main menu and price range are as follows

  • Appetizers 16~35 zloty (about 500-100 yen)
  • Soup 10-15 zloty (about 300-450 yen)
  • Salad 24~28 zloty (about 700-800 yen)
  • Main meat dish 26~46 zloty (about 750-1400 yen)
  • Dessert 14-18 zloty (about 400-550 yen)

I would imagine that the budget is 1500 yen per person plus drinks. It is in the same price range as a good restaurant in Warsaw.

Honolatka’s famous Chopin Menu

Pretty design on the menu!

Honolatka’s specialty is the Chopin Menu, a Polish menu that recreates the flavors of the 19th century, when Chopin lived.

I thought it was a menu that Chopin liked, but I guess not;
And when Chopin attended, it was a cafe, not a restaurant.

Prices are a little higher than the regular menu, perhaps because it is geared toward tourists.

Later I’ll show you what I actually ate from the Chopin menu! It was quite delicious!

Honolatka weekday lunch

Honolatka also offers a special lunch from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. Lunch set 19 zloty (about 600 yen)! I would like to go there someday.

What we ate at Honolatka

We went to Honolatka with a large group and were able to eat a variety of foods from excellent pierogi to desserts that were subtle.

The tastes varied considerably from dish to dish. Here they are, in order of most delicious!

Recommended Menu

Here are some recommendations for you to try when you visit Honolatka.

Roasted Polish Duck

Polish duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage with red apples 49 zloty

From the Chopin Menu.In my mind, Honolatka No. 1 is this!Duck is delicious in Poland, so please try it ^^.

The accompanying potato dumplings (Polish sweet potato cake?) were also delicious! The accompanying potato dumplings (Polish potato cake?) were also delicious!

It is a hearty dish, so if you are alone, this one dish may be enough to fill you up.


Homemade dumplings stuffed with meat 21 zloty

And the Honolatka pierogi were absolutely delicious! They were a big hit with the people I went with. Honestly, they are a whole lot better than Zapiecek, which specializes in pierogi.

There were two choices: meat or vegetable. I had the meat pierogi.

Steamed and braised porcini

Fried porcini mushrooms braised in cream 29 zloty

From the Chopin Menu. Porcini mushrooms are very expensive in Japan. In Poland, porcini mushrooms are available in large quantities and can be enjoyed at a reasonable price.

This menu is recommended for mushroom lovers.

so-so menu

Next, I would like to introduce the menu which was so-so (lol). I picked up a rare menu that you can only eat in Poland.

Bacon-wrapped sheep cheese

Grilled lamb cheese wrapped in smoked bacon 19 zloty

This dish is made with sheep’s cheese, which is commonly found in Poland. It is delicious, but quite flavorful and salty.

I think it is best to go with a large group of people and eat one each. It’s Polish and unusual, so it’s a good conversation starter. It is not recommended to order alone.

Pancakes with crawfish

Mazurian pancakes with crayfish in creamy – tomatoe sauce 35 zloty

What? Crayfish…you thought, don’t worry. It is totally different from the crayfish you used to have in elementary school. In Europe, it seems to be eaten as a luxury food, and looks and tastes like shrimp.

The Honolatka crayfish did not have a good texture. The sauce tasted good.

Here’s another one for your story.

The menu was not good.

Lastly, here is a menu item that honestly was not very good. I do not recommend it.


Beef sirloin steak Tartare 29 zloty

Both beef tartare and salmon tartare were not good. The seasoning and texture were too subtle…I won’t order it next time.

Cheesecake, apple pie

(I forgot to take a picture.)

Dessert was hopeless.Hard to believe it used to be a cafe!

Cheesecake and apple pie, neither was good…. It’s sweet and the texture is mousy ^^;

I have a separate sweet tooth and love sweets, but I left some behind, which was rare. I recommend eating dessert after dinner at a different restaurant.

Atmosphere in Honolatka Store

Chopin’s mural, often found in guidebooks

The restaurant is in a hideaway style. It is divided into several rooms and is larger than expected.

Room with retro atmosphere

There was also a hunting room(?) There was also a

My fur!

The waitress was pleasant and her English was perfectly acceptable.

What to expect when you go to Honolatka

There are two caveats that I learned from my visit to Honolatka.

Beware of group shows!

A hilarious show that lasted over 30 minutes.

Our table was in the same room as a Chinese group. In that room, traditional Polish dances were performed incessantly for them;
I can’t talk calmly at all because the moody music is echoing in the room (lol).

I don’t think these shows are regularly scheduled, as there is no specific mention of them on the Honolatka website. Perhaps they request a folk dance show from somewhere else and call it in when requested by a group of guests.

They remember to be dynamic even in a small store.

In a way I was lucky to see the Polish show for free. (In fact, it was the first time I had ever seen it!)
But I was visiting for a leisurely meal, so I guess 30 minutes was indeed too long ^^;

Since the restaurant is popular with tourists, it is possible that such shows are frequently held. When entering the restaurant, it is best to request a quiet seat separate from the group customers.

Every Friday night is dance night

Every Friday from 8:00 p.m., a “Dance Night” event is held.As the name suggests, some rooms in the restaurant will be turned into a dance floor.

I visited on a Friday night without knowing what to expect. The cheerful Polish show was finally over, and now it was time for a moody dance night (lol).

Mainly grandfathers and grandmothers were dancing gracefully. There was no forced participation at all.

I thought I saw something good, but the moody music and live singing didn’t make me feel like I could talk slowly, so I was switched to another room in the middle of the show ^^;

Honolatka Basic Information

address (e.g. of house)Miodowa 14, 00-246 Warszawa
Business Hours12:00~23:00
genrePolish Cuisine
Official HP (Polish only)
English MenuYes (written in both Polish and English)
Nearby Tourist AttractionsOld Town Square (5 min. walk), Warsaw Old Royal Palace (6 min. walk)
If you have any questions or concerns about Warsaw or Poland, please feel free to ask us in the comments section or contact form.
I will answer to the best of my knowledge!
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