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I went to Belvedere : Restaurant in Lazienki Park, Warsaw

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

I recently went to lunch at the upscale Polish restaurant Restauracja Belvedere in Wajenki Park!

The restaurant is a regular in the Michelin Guide and even the Polish people agree that it’s a great place to eat! It was a very satisfying lunch!

Restauracja Belvedere” has been on the Michelin list for over 20 years.

Restauracja Belvedere is an upscale Polish & European restaurant located in Warsaw’s Wajenki Park.

The restaurant does not offer “Polish” cuisine, but rather creative Polish cuisine with a French touch.

In short, very stylish Polish food.

And with a beautiful lawn in front of the restaurant, the terrace seating in the summer was just perfect!

The restaurant has been listed in the Michelin Guide for more than 20 years and is no stranger to locals.

Even though it is listed on Michelin, Belvedere is not a starred restaurant.

I learned for the first time through research to write this article that there are various ranks of Michelin-listed restaurants.

  • Bib Gourmand – dishes that are more satisfying than their price (affordable)
  • Michelin plate … dishes that meet Michelin standards
  • 1 star – A particularly delicious dish in its category.
  • Two stars…excellent food worth the long drive to visit.
  • Three stars … outstanding cuisine worth the trip for.

Belvedere is a Michelin plate. Not quite starred, but highly recommended! That’s what I’m saying ^^

Restauracja Belvedere Menu

Main Menu and Prices
  • Lunch: 71 zloty (about 2100 yen) for 2 items, 81 zloty (about 2400 yen) for 3 items
  • Sunday brunch – 199 zloty (about 6000 yen)
  • A la carte menu – quite expensive (see official website)

Affordable is lunch.
If you order a la carte, the main meat alone will cost you over 70 zloty….

Details of each menu can be found on the official website.

It can also be used as a café.

Lunch Course Comments

I visited in late April. The menu that day looked like this.

  • Appetizer – Smoked Fish
  • Main – Whitebelly chicken with truffle sauce.
  • Dessert – vanilla cheesecake and raspberry sorbet

My parents came to visit us from Japan, so I was excited and ordered a three-course meal.

Appetizers Smoked Fish

First, appetizers.

The moment the food arrived, I couldn’t help but say, “How stylish…!” I couldn’t help saying, “This is so stylish! I have never had such stylish food in Poland.

First time I’ve ever had smoked herring! It’s so good with the sauce! I’ve always had a bit of a problem with herring, but this is totally fine.

Main: Whitebelly Chicken with Truffle Sauce

The main course is the Holoholo chicken!

The Holoholo bird (Polish: perlicka) is a member of the pheasant family native to Guinea, Africa.
Also known as the “queen of all birds of prey,” it is popular in Europe as a luxury food.

This was delicious too! (I don’t have any words other than “delicious” because I don’t have the vocabulary for it ^^;)

It was quite voluptuous.

Dessert Vanilla Cheesecake and Raspberry Sorbet

This is a no-brainer!

As soon as it came out, I thought, “It’s definitely a tasty one! but I was right.

I finished it off with a perk, even though I must have been full by the time I finished the main course.

Impressions of the store

View from the seat

The day we visited, it was just sunny, and dining on the terrace was divine! It was a luxurious time!

The food and location were great, but the customer service was a bit…?

All the waitstaff are so huge!
That’s fine, but it seemed a bit high-handed. Maybe it was just my imagination.

When they asked me if I wanted some wine and I asked for lemonade because I don’t drink wine, they laughed at me with a look that said, “You don’t even drink wine?” which was a little off-putting. Well, maybe it was just my imagination.

The lemonade was delicious.

I was a little disappointed in that, even though the atmosphere and food were great.

Poland has a lot of affable and friendly clerks. I wonder why they gathered all the pressured people…security measure? (lol)

It’s a high-end restaurant, and there were legions of wealthy people wearing full-body Versace!

The rest of the group was dressed rather normal and casual. I also wore a T-shirt and a skirt.

I went on a weekday in April, so I could get in without a reservation. In summer, it might be safer to make a reservation.

Basic information about “Restauracja Belvedere

Wajenki Park is vast!
Please note that it is quite a walk from the Chopin statue to the restaurant.

If you take a cab, be sure to tell them “Belvedere”, not “Wajenki Park”.

address (e.g. of house)Agrykola 1, 00-460 Warszawa
Business HoursMonday-Saturday 12:00~23:00
Sunday 12:00~17:00
Official HP
English Menuant
Nearby Tourist AttractionsWajenki Park (on site)
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I will answer to the best of my knowledge!
Please feel free to leave your comments on the article in the comments section ^^^.