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I went to Daily Chopin Piano Concert in Warsaw : Time for Chopin

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

A few days ago, a friend of mine who loves Chopin came to visit me in Warsaw.
She is a piano player and she loves Chopin God. and she loves it so much that she praises him ^^;

I took her with me. I went to a Chopin piano concert called “Time for Chopin.
These one-hour mini-concerts are held daily at a retreat-style mansion in the Old Town.

My friend, who loves Chopin, and I, who am not so familiar with classical music, enjoyed it very much.

What is the “Time for Chopin” piano concert in the Old Town of Warsaw?

Piano concerts are held daily in a secluded mansion in the middle of Warsaw’s Old Town.

All the pieces played are by Chopin.
A Polish pianist will perform daily.

This is a mini-concert lasting approximately one hour.

I liked this part of the “Time for Chopin” piano concert!

I actually went to a Chopin Piano Concert, and here are three things I liked about it. Here are three things I liked about the Chopin Piano Concert.

Hear a terrific pianist perform up close and personal.

Even with the naked eye, I could see the movement of the fingers clearly.

The Chopin Concert features a Polish pianist who performs daily.

Don’t underestimate it just because it is a concert in a tourist area.
The pianists who perform here are all highly skilled and have competed in national and international competitions.

The capacity of the room where the concert is held is about 50 people, so you can listen to the performance very closely.

The power of the performances was tremendous, with the superb pianists playing at close range.
I got goosebumps.

My friend who plays the piano was also pleased to be able to see his fingers in action up close.

You don’t have to be an expert on Chopin! Many famous songs.

Kawai piano. According to my friend, the high notes were a little strong.

Many of the pieces performed at the concert were major Chopin pieces.

Chopin’s music is often used in Japanese commercials and dramas, so even if you are not familiar with Chopin, you may find yourself saying, “Oh, I know this song! Even if you are not familiar with Chopin’s music, there are songs that you may say, “Oh, I know this song!

They played a total of six songs the day I went.
Even though I am not a classical music expert, I knew a couple of songs.

Each song is not that long, so you can enjoy it without getting bored.

The honey wine and apple juice at the intervals are delicious!

After finishing the drink… ^^^;

At the end of the first half of the approximately 30-minute performance, there will be a five-minute break.

The drinks they served during those breaks were delicious!

You can choose between Poland’s famous honey wine and apple juice.

The mead is a little nutty and sweet.

The apple juice was cold-pressed juice.
They were delicious, 100% apples!

In case you need an explanation of cold-pressed juice, here’s one.

As the name implies, cold-pressed juice is made by slowly “pressing” vegetables and fruits to squeeze out the water content of the ingredients. No preservatives or other additives are added, nor is any excess water added.
Cited from:

It was a bit disappointing that we could not drink slowly because of the short time and the standing drinking style.
Foreigners drank honey wine as if it were water;

Drinks are included in the ticket price.

How to get to the “Time for Chopin” concert

It is located in the middle of the Old Town, Warsaw’s most popular tourist area.
A minute or two walk from the Royal Palace Square.

There are people with signs saying “Time for Chopin” standing here and there in the old town, so if you get lost, you can ask them for directions.

Hours of operation, performance times, and fees

Business Hours

Performance begins at 6:00 p.m. daily




Performance Time

1 hour including a break of approx. 5 minutes


60 zloty (about 1,800 yen)


Children old enough to sit quietly for an hour seem to be allowed.
When I was there, there were several children of elementary school age.

Children who have difficulty listening quietly should avoid them.

How to Purchase & Reserve Tickets

There are two ways to purchase tickets.

  1. Purchase at the venue on the day of the event
  2. Reserve & Buy Online

It may be safer to make reservations in advance during busy periods such as summer vacation periods.

You can make an online reservation here.







I highly recommend the Chopin Concerts, held daily in the middle of the tourist area.

Performances are from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., so you can enjoy sightseeing or dinner well before or after the performance.

Chopin lovers, of course, don’t have to be much of a classical music buff to enjoy this one!

There are many more Chopin concerts in Warsaw than just here!

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