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3 Good Japanese Restaurants in Warsaw

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Hello! My name is Harie and I am an expat wife in Warsaw.

Have you ever had a problem like this while traveling?

I have an upset stomach, and I want food that is easy on my stomach.”
I’m getting tired of the local cuisine.”

It is at times like this that I miss
Japanese food
Japanese food

In Warsaw, there are quite a few fake Japanese and sushi restaurants.
But, “This is it! This! It is unfortunate that there are not many stores where Japanese people can be convinced of this.
(It’s probably because there aren’t many Japanese residents here.)

So! In this issue.
We have carefully selected only the best Japanese restaurants that are easy to visit for tourists and are also frequented by Warsaw residents!

The only place to eat udon in Warsaw! UKIUKI UDON, run by Japanese

The first one I would like to introduce is an udon restaurant.
Great for when you’re sick on vacation!

Udon noodles are available in kama-age, sanuki, and zaru.

The owner of this restaurant is Japanese, so you can be sure of the taste and customer service.
A wide variety of menus are available.

Kakiage, vegetable tempura, and shrimp^^.
Beer, hand towels, even a sesame mortar!

They also have ramen, but my husband said that the ramen shop I will introduce later was better.

I thought, “Isn’t the restaurant all Japanese?” But when I went there, I found out that
Ninety percent of the customers were Polish!

This popular restaurant has been voted Warsaw’s No. 1 restaurant. It is very popular with local customers.

All the staff are local, except for the manager.
Order in English or Polish.

I’ve come all the way to Poland, so I want to feel like a foreigner!”
It is an interesting restaurant that can satisfy even such people ^^.

How to get to “UKIUKI UDON”, basic information

[table id=”8″ /]

You can eat katsu-don (pork cutlet bowl) or karaage-don (fried chicken bowl)! PEKOPEKO

The next restaurant we will introduce is another Japanese restaurant run by a Japanese national.
Delicious katsudon and karaage donburi! and “Katsudon and KARAAGE-DON are delicious!

Yum! Katsudon in Warsaw stings!

The menu was very much like Japanese home cooking.

The menu is only in Polish, but the writing style, such as “Katsudon” and “Kara-age don”, makes sense.

The green tea pudding that the group next to me ordered looked delicious… I should have ordered it too.
Curry is also available, but according to my friend, it is not good for Japanese people as it tastes for Polish people.

Because of the small number of seats, the restaurant may be full at lunch time and you may not be able to get in.

The restaurant is small, with about 12 seats in total.

How to get to PEKOPEKO, basic information

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Jiro-style ramen in Warsaw! YATTA RAMEN

Despite the proximity to a tourist attraction, the street in front of the restaurant is less crowded.

My husband’s company designates Warsaw as a “Japanese food hard-to-get-to” area.
In fact, Japanese food is harder to find than in Germany or England.
In Warsaw, for some reason, there is “Jiro-kei Ramen” (laughs).

JIRO KEI” is also on the menu.

When my husband tried to order the Jiro type, the waitress said, “It’s very BIG and FAT! Are you sure you can handle it? and he gave up (laugh).
I ordered regular ramen.

Miso Ramen. Spicy!
Soy sauce ramen. It’s delicious with a strong dashi broth.

Like the minimalist feel of the interior, or something like that (laughs).

A perfect replica of a Japanese ramen shop ^^; (The poster is just for decoration, not on the menu.)

Most of the customers are Polish, and there is often a line at lunchtime.
All the waitstaff are also local.

There are other ramen restaurants in Warsaw, but I like this one because it is the most like Japanese ramen.

How to get to YATTA RAMEN, basic information

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By the way…
A “Menya Musashi” is opening in Blue City, a shopping mall in the suburbs of Warsaw. I think it was the end of this month?

For Japanese living in Warsaw, this is big news that makes you want to give a small gut-punch! (lol)
It takes less than 30 minutes by car from the center of Warsaw, though, so it’s a bit difficult to get to while sightseeing.


How was it?

The restaurants introduced here are located in places that are relatively easy for tourists to get to, so if you are in the mood for Japanese food, please visit them.

November 11 is Poland’s Independence Day and a national holiday.
This year, 2018, marks the 100th anniversary of our independence!

Unfortunately, however, November 11 this year is a Sunday, so there will not be an extra day off.
(There are no compensatory holidays in Poland.)

To my surprise, last week the Polish government decided to make November 12 a national holiday as well.
Is it possible to decide on a holiday 3 weeks in advance?

If such a thing were done in Japan, it would be the topic of conversation every day, but people here do not seem to make much of a fuss about it.

I heard they’re going on vacation. I’m lucky.” That’s the extent of my reaction.

♪ I don’t care about the little things ♪
I like Polish people like Yuttei.