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How to Book Train in Poland. Early Discount & Cancellation Infos

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Hello! I am Harie, an expat wife in Warsaw.

In the next two articles, we will introduce you to Polish railroads ( Polish National Railways)!

1st. This section details how to book and purchase tickets for Polish trains and what to expect when you use the train!

Early booking is definitely the best way to save. So after you read this article, go ahead and make your reservations right away!

What this article will tell you
  • How to reserve and purchase tickets for Polish trains
  • When can I reserve and purchase trains?
  • Conditions for Cancellation or Change of Rail Ticket
  • How to buy tickets at the best early-bird rate
  • Difference between 1st and 2nd class cars
  • Things to know before traveling by Polish train, etc…

Click here for the second Polish railroad special.

▲Explanation of how to make reservations via the Internet.

Trains in Poland are comfortable

Poland Rail Map

The Polish railroads are surprisingly (?) clean and comfortable! They are very clean and comfortable!

The EIP, or Pendolino as it is called, is a high-speed train that runs through Poland’s major cities, making it very convenient for sightseeing.All four cities in the map above are served by EIP.

And Polish trains are pretty cheap! With the early bird discount, you can travel between Warsaw and Krakow for about 1,500 yen.

When is the deadline for purchasing reservations for Polish trains? Cancellation and change conditions.

Train ticket office at Warsaw Central Station

The conditions for booking and purchasing tickets on Polish railroads are as follows

Railroad ticket reservation and purchase period

Commencement of sales30 days prior to departure
Sales end (deadline for pre-orders and purchases)Station counter: until the last minute before departure
Internet (official website): 5 minutes before departure
Ticket vending machine: up to 1 hour before departure
Release start time on the official website

Ticket reservations on the Internet begin at 0:30 am (Polish time) 30 days prior to the event. (only on the 1st of each month at 1:00 a.m.)

Cancel a rail ticket

Cancellation deadlineUp to 15 minutes before departure
Cancellation Fee15% of purchase price
Cancellation LocationPurchase over the counter: over the counter
Purchase on the Internet (official website): official website OR at the counter

Change Rail Ticket

Modification deadlineUp to 5 minutes before departure
Change feeFree for the same section. (Number of people and names are also the same)
However, the The difference in ticket price will be charged.
Change Reception LocationPurchase over the counter: over the counter
Purchase on the Internet (official website): official website OR at the counter

To change your Polish rail ticket, you must refund your reservation and purchase a new ticket.

Therefore, when you have an early-bird ticket,changing it will likely result in higher fees.

No refund or change fee will be charged for changes within the same sector.

2 ways to book and buy trains in Poland

Polish National Railways Station

There are two ways to book and purchase train tickets in Poland.

How to reserve and purchase train tickets
  1. Internet
  2. Station counter or ticket vending machine

The official website of PKP Intercity (Polish National Railways) is by far the best place to make reservations on the Internet!Oh, my God!

Japanese-language reservation sites such as Rail Europe and MAXVISTA are quite expensive.
We do not recommend this unless you really want to make a reservation in Japanese.

There is also an English-language site called Polrailservice, but it is also rather expensive.

Buy tickets online

Please refer to this article for more details as it is lengthy.

Buy tickets from a ticket machine

Polish railroad ticket machine

If you’re buying tickets at the station, I’d suggest the ticket vending machines, where there aren’t too many lines!

They are located all over the station.

Buy at the counter

Polish Railway Ticket Office

I don’t recommend the station counter because there is always a long line.

Some people at the counter do not speak English.

Polish train fares, early bird rates, 1st and 2nd class differences

Railroad Platforms

Polish Railways (Polish Railways) offers several types of trains, each with a different price.

Here’s a comparison between Warsaw and Krakow, the most popular route for tourists!

trainHours.2nd class price (Zloty)1st class price (Zloty)
EIP2 hours 20 minutes150229
EIC2.5 hours139199
IC2.5~5 hours60-6278-81
TLK3~4 hours6078
As of 2020

The most popular among tourists is EIP, also known as Pendolino.
It is comfortable and fast.

The main difference between EIP and EIC is the quality of the vehicle facilities; EIP is cleaner.

All seats on all trains are reserved.
EIP requires that tickets be reserved and purchased prior to boarding.

Take the Polish National Railways at a discount price with the early bird discount!

Polish Railways has very early bird specials! Early Bird Specials!

For your reference, here are two typical early bird rates.
Rest assured that the lowest price at the time you buy your ticket will automatically be applied.

I recommend buying it as soon as it goes on sale! It is a good idea to buy it as soon as it goes on sale. I recommend you to buy it as soon as it goes on sale.

Super Promo / Promo

Super Early Bird discount at less than half price.
They are often sold out soon after they go on sale.

Sales period: 30 days prior to the event until the end of the number of tickets sold
Sales section: EIP and EIC only on defined sections.

Warsaw – Krakow: 49 zloty 2nd class / 119 zloty 1st class (usually 150 zloty 2nd class / 229 1st class), etc.

discount for early booking

Sales period: Until the number of tickets sold is reached.
Sales section: Applicable to all types of railroads

  • 30 – 21 days prior to departure 45
  • 20-14 days prior to departure 30%.
  • 13 – 7 days prior to departure 15

About tickets for large luggage and large suitcases

EIP large luggage storage

A separate oversized baggage fee will be charged for large baggage that cannot fit under the seat or on the top shelf.

You can buy it together with your ticket when you buy it on the Internet (official website). The price is 5.1 zloty.

If purchased from the conductor on the train, it is 10 zloty.
Previously, if you did not buy in advance, you were fined 50 zloty, but it seems that the rules have changed. We recommend that you buy in advance as much as possible, as you never know when it will be changed again.

Please check the official website for more information.

Carry-on size suitcases do not require a baggage ticket as they can fit above or below the seat.

Difference between 1st and 2nd class cars

Polish Railways 2nd class

Polish trains are available in 1st and 2nd class. The photo above shows a 2nd class seat.

In Japanese trains, it is like a green car and a regular seat.
It’s not as celebrity-like as the green car…

The following three benefits are available for 1st class cars.

1st class car benefits
  1. be served a meal
  2. Seats are spacious
  3. quiet

The meals are not as hearty as the in-flight meals on airplanes, but are more like light meals + α.
The taste is okay…not that impressive since it’s not a hot meal.

Second class passengers get one drink, but first class passengers get two. You could choose from coffee, tea, and bottled water.

I never felt the seats were too small, even in 2nd class, so I didn’t feel that much of a difference in seating.

More than that. I found the atmosphere of the first class cars to be very calm and quiet in the carriages. If you are traveling alone and want to travel in a relaxed and elegant manner, 1st class car might be good for you.

On the other hand, when traveling with more than one person, a second-class car may be easier to chat with.

Can I change my seat at the counter for a ticket reserved on the Internet?

We recently received this question from a reader.

Can I change my seat only on the day of boarding?

You asked if it is possible to change the seat of the ticket reserved on the official website because it was on the opposite side from the direction of travel.

The seats are often opposite to the direction of travel….
Half of the vehicles are facing the opposite direction.

In conclusion, it is possible to change seats on the day of the event.
However, there are likely to be extra costs involved.

To change your Polish rail ticket, you must refund your reservation and purchase a new ticket.I checked with the railroad company and was told that the same change procedure would apply even if it is only a seat change.

Therefore, even if you have an early-bird ticket, if you change it, you will have to repurchase a ticket at the current price (probably the regular price a few days before departure).

This is a bit of a waste…
Unfortunately, after you have purchased your ticket, you will have to give up either your seat or the difference in price.

At the time you asked this question, it was very difficult to get seat assignments, but the reservation website has changed its specifications and it will be easier to get seat assignments starting in 2020!

For details on how to do this, please refer to the article [Explained with Pictures] How to Reserve Tickets & Reserve Seats on Polish Railways.

Things to know before taking a train in Poland

Riding the train in Poland is quite different from that in Japan.
Here are a few things to keep in mind and a few things to know in advance!

No ticket gates at the station

No turnstiles on Polish trains

Polish Railways ( National Railways There are no ticket gates at the stations of the Polish Railways (Polish Railways).

Many large stations are directly connected to shopping malls, so if you are just casually walking around after shopping at the supermarket, you may suddenly find yourself on a platform (laughs).

Also, sometimes it is difficult to reach the boarding area because of the endless shopping malls, even though you are supposed to be arriving at the station.We recommend that you arrive at the station with plenty of time to spare.

Streetcars and metros have machines to validate tickets called imprinting machines, but trains basically do not.

Tickets are checked by the conductor after boarding.
You will need your passport for name check. Please make sure you don’t forget!

Check the electric board for train stops.

When you arrive at the station, first check the electric board to see where to board.

Polish Railway Electronic Bulletin Board
  1. departure time
  2. Train Number
  3. destination
  4. transit airport
  5. place for boarding vehicles

Sometimes the number of (2) is bewilderingly different.Only the last digit is different ^^;
Even if the numbers are slightly different, as long as the destination and departure time are correct, you should be fine.

In addition, the Even large stations may not be displayed in “Destination” in (3), but in “Destination via” in (4).

For example, for the route Krakow => Warsaw => Gdansk.
Even the capital, Warsaw, is not written in (3) but appears in small letters in (4) as a transit point.
Too hard to understand…

If you cannot find your destination, use the departure time in (1) and the number in (2) to find it.If there is a destination at the transit point, it is fine.(In some small stations, it may not appear in (4).

Don’t let up when you get to the boarding area.

Railroad Platform Bulletin Board

On Polish national railways, the place of boarding may change suddenly.
Keep a close eye on the electronic displays and the movements of people around you.
When it starts to buzz and buzz and buzz… it’s iffy.

To avoid getting on the wrong train, check the sign next to the door before boarding the train.

EIP Railway Doors

The photo above shows the display next to the door of the EIP. Train numbers, routes, and car numbers are written on it. This is what it looks like from a distance ↓.

EIP Railroad Door 2

Unfriendly platform guidance

Poles in disarray on the train.

Like in Japanese stations, there are no signs that say There is no information board that says, “What is the boarding position of car No. 1 here?

When a train does not arrive until just before departure time, everyone gets in through the nearest door, creating chaos inside the car as shown in the photo above.

Think of it as a Polish tradition and enjoy it (laughs).

Polish railroad car body

Incidentally, the “2” on the EIP car body means “2nd class car,” not car No. 2. The car number is displayed next to the door.

Seats cannot rotate.

Seats cannot be rotated as in Japanese trains.
Half of the cars will have seats facing the opposite direction of travel.

If you want to sit facing the same direction of travel, don’t forget to designate your seat when you purchase your reservation!

Beverage Service

At EIP, beverage service is included in the ticket price.

Choice of bottled water, coffee, or tea. (2 bottles in 1st class).

First-class cars will also be served a light meal.

Dining cars are available to everyone for a fee.

Book your Polish Railways tickets online!

What did you think of our Poland train summary article?
I hope this helps ^^.

The following article explains how to make reservations online at the official Polish Railways (PKP) website! Please also see that article.

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