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Best & Worst Time to travel Poland

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First day of the “First Individual Travel Course in Poland” has begun.
The theme of this issue is “Let’s decide the itinerary of your trip to Poland! This time, the theme is “Let’s decide on the itinerary of your trip to Poland!

This article will help you understand the following three things

What this article will tell you
  • How many nights and days are needed for a trip to Poland?
  • Best season in Poland and advantages and disadvantages of each season
  • Where would you go to visit Poland and one other country?

For more information about the “First Independent Travel Course in Poland” and how it started, please see this article ⇒ “First Independent Travel Course in Poland: Table of Contents – How to Book and What to Bring!

How many nights and days would you like for your trip to Poland?

For a trip to Poland, you will need at least 5 nights and 6 days. You need at least 5 nights and 6 days Here is a model plan for 5 nights and 6 days.

Model Plan for 5 nights and 6 days

Day 1
Departure from Japan → Arrival in Warsaw Sightseeing in Warsaw

2nd day
Sightseeing in Warsaw Transfer to Krakow

3rd day
Krakow Sightseeing

Day 4
Krakow Sightseeing
or nearby (Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Flats)

5th day
Transfer from Krakow to Warsaw
Departure from Warsaw to Japan

Day 6
arrival in Japan

The above itinerary will take you to most of the must-see sights.

However I’d add a few more days if I could, since half the itinerary is pretty busy with travel!

If you are planning to visit Boleslawiec, the region of Polish Pottery, you will need 2-3 days in addition to the basic itinerary above.

We will introduce a model course for each purpose in detail in the next issue!

What is the best season to travel to Poland?

The best time to travel to Poland is definitely in the summer!
Summer in Poland is very pleasant with sparkling green and long days with little humidity.

I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of each season!

Poland in spring (late March – May)

In May, terrace seating will gradually begin to appear.

Spring in Poland is characterized by extreme temperature differences, with some days as warm as summer and others as cold as winter.

Poland in Spring


  • Low Travel Fees
  • Open-air Chopin Concerts in Warsaw (from mid or late May)
  • The difference in temperature is extreme

Poland in summer (June to early September)

Outdoor Chopin Concert

Summer in Poland is the best time to visit!

Summer in Poland


  • Easy to spend time with little humidity
  • Light until after 21:00 at night
  • Open-air Chopin Concert in Warsaw
  • Boleslawiec Pottery Festival (mid-August)
  • High travel costs
  • Tourist attractions and restaurants are crowded.
  • Strong sunshine (sunglasses required!)

Poland in autumn (late September – early November)

golden autumn

Autumn in Poland is all about luck! If you are lucky, you can see the autumn leaves called Golden Autumn.

Poland in Autumn


  • Low Travel Fees
  • Golden Autumn (autumn leaves)
  • Cloudy, rainy and rather cold.
  • No major events.

Poland in winter (late November – early March)

Christmas tree in front of the Warsaw Royal Palace

Winter in Poland can be dark and cold… and it’s best to visit in time for the Christmas markets and winter illuminations!

Poland in Winter


  • Christmas Market (December)
  • Low Travel Fees
  • Anyway, it’s cold.
  • Anyway, it’s dark.

For more information about the climate in Poland, please refer to this article ⇒ [Explained with pictures! Weather in Poland

In October 2020, the Chopin Competition will be held in Warsaw, once every five years!

Tickets are almost sold out, but tickets for the winners’ concert will go on sale in September 2020. There are also ways to get tickets on the day of the event, depending on your luck.

For more information, see this article ⇒ Chopin Competition 2020: 3 Ways to Get Tickets!

What if I want to go to Poland and one more country?

How about a spa in Budapest?

If you can take a longer vacation, you can visit Poland and one more country in Europe!

Easy to get to from Poland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Berlin, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Helsinki, Finland

The cities mentioned above can be reached by plane from Warsaw in about 1.5 hours.

When you think of Europe, you may think of train travel. However, Poland is a large country, and it takes a long time to travel by train to neighboring countries.

If you don’t have a particular commitment to train travel, it’s easier to fly!

Next time: “Decide on your Poland travel plans!”

That’s all for the first day of the “First Individual Travel Course in Poland”! Please use the information in this article to help you decide on your travel itinerary ^^.

Next time: “Let’s make a rough plan for your trip to Poland! We will be bringing you the following contents under the theme of “Decide on a rough plan for your trip to Poland”.

DAY 2 Contents
  • How many nights each are best for Warsaw and Krakow?
  • Polish Royal Road Course
  • Model Plan for Polish Pottery Lovers
  • Model Plan for Chopin Lovers
  • Let’s take the buffer.



“I want to ask you this!” “I’m worried about this too!” We are now accepting your requests! We will be adding to the course content in response to your requests and questions.

Please feel free to make a request in the comments section, contact form, or Instagram DM (direct message) ^^.